Feb 14, 2009

.99 Review - Jessica Harp

Jessica Harp - Boy Like Me

The People's Take

Boy Like Me (5 Stars) – SOOOOOO EXCITED to finally hear a Jessica Harp solo song!! The CD will absolutely be one of the best country radio has heard!! Can't wait for more to come!!

(They're all like this)

My Take
Landing, sonically, in the exact center-point between Taylor Swift and Gretchen Wilson but more on the Gretchen side lyrically, the lesser known half of The Wreckers' first single is a surprisingly worthy affair. While not groundbreaking in its sound, the attitude displayed here is a little edgier than most of what you'll hear coming out of Nashville's fairer gender. Basically, she's not really a bad girl, just the kind that likes boys who chase girls like that... and if that makes her a bad girl, so be it. Got that? Good, neither do I, but it's a fun song and a welcome respite from all the goody goody Taylor and Martina in constant rotation. Soundwise, you might not know this was a country track if she didn't twang a few obvious words... drankin', for one.... This fits squarely into the current Clearchannel sound. It's one of the better of that genre, though. She's got a good voice and I got more than I expected here... perhaps Harp has a future in this biz. Her debut single is probably going to be a hit and I'll probably get utterly sick of it and knock a quarter off its value, but for now....
Total value: .74/.99
(back to the fun, negative .99 reviews next week!)

The Checklist
Name Dropping
Dying Person
County Fair
Lost Love
Check mark symbolLove
Hometown Pride
Kindly Advice
Check mark symbolBeer (Drinking)
Check mark symbolLife Affirmation
Check mark symbolPop Sheen
Star Power

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