Mar 18, 2009

.00 Review: Gloriana

(The song's free on iTunes this week, so I'm not gonna hold it to the .99 standard)
Gloriana - Wild at Heart

The People's Take
THE FARTHEST THING FROM COUNTRY (1 Star) - this is crap. this isn't even country, this is girly pop. don't waste your time.
- johnny cash 711

Why even have free music! (1 star) - the songs that have been coming on the free singles a horrible lately id rather have no free singles then something like this. Hurry up and put some real music on. not some girls tryin to sing country(i hate country) and pop at the same time. The only person ive heard that can do that and sound great is taylor swift.
p.s. this doesnt deserve a star

Excellent! I don't like country and this is very excellent! LIKE IT A BUNCH!!!! (5 Stars) - Mix a little John Mellencamp, a little Tom Petty, and a little Lady Antebellum -- and this is what ya get! Excellent!
-Llttle Ramona

My Take:
The song starts promisingly enough with a cool Mellencamp-esque clap beat going on and a nice vibe. The first verse was serviceable I suppose... a little too glossy for these ears, but whatever. Now, let's hop in the wayback machine. Drift back in your memory to high school. Don't wince... okay do. Remember the show choir? The group you could pay a buck every three months or so to get out of geometry to go see (and that's the only reason most of us went). They were the guys and gals who dressed in matching outfits and did cheesy choreography and sang the hits of the day and a few pop classics while smiling painfully... yeah, those folks. The roster usually included: one jock only there because he had rhythm and provided face recognition, four goody-goody in-crowd females who could sing pretty well, one chunky girl with an awesome voice, two popular guys, one in-the-closet guy and one mega-heartthrob who could sing like Elvis. Okay, back to '09... take two of the goody-goody gals and the two popular guys from said show choir and slap a guitar in one them's hands and you have Gloriana. As soon as the chorus hit, though, I was transported back there... x years :)... to that sticky GHS auditorium with the prancing songbirds and the super-loud harmonies and the face-cramping smiles and suddenly, I wanted to do some geometry proofs.

(All that said, it's catchier than I should admit and if they'd leaned more Eagles than show choir, it might actually become a guilty pleasure rather than an annoyance.)

Total value: N/A

The Checklist

Name Dropping
Dying Person
County Fair
Lost Love
Hometown Pride
Kindly Advice
Life Affirmation

Pop Sheen
Star Power

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