Aug 26, 2010

Top 10 Songs That Didn't Quite Make the Cut for John Rich's Next Album

10. Jesus Loves Me (I'm Republican, You See)

09. She Said She Was Eighteen, Officer

08. I Done Been Country All My Life

07. Trucking Preacher Man

06. I'm Country and Your Not

05. Johnny Cash Would Buy This Song on iTunes

04. F*ck You, I'm Born Again

03. Beer is for P*ssies

02. Short Skirt High School Girl (I Think I Love You)

01. Country Preacher Trucker Man


  1. Luckily for us all, "Country Preacher Trucker Man" will be on Kellie Pickler's next album, thereby solidifying her neotraditionalist cred.

  2. This list alone is better than anything I have ever put on my site.



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