Oct 17, 2010

Top 10 House Rules for Winners of "Party at Mt. Richmore" Contest

CMT is running a contest where the prize is an all-night party at John Rich's Mt. Richmore. FTM got aholt' of some of the rules for the winner.

10. No cameras, recording devices, weapons or Democrats

09. Must present proof of legal residency and gun ownership

08. Homosexuals are welcome

....to work on the catering staff

07. Don't do anything you don't think Johnny Cash would do

06. Males are required to present I.D. for age verification; females, not so much...

05. Thou shalt not take the name of McCain in vain

04. Only attendees with a blood alcohol level less than .12 may drive home afterwards

03. Please leave Gretchen a nice tip. She's not tending bar for her health.

02. Must sign a health, confidentiality, damages, and sexually transmitted diseases waiver

01. Do not feed Sebastian Bach after midnight

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