Nov 12, 2012

Eatin' (Lyric Parody of Eric Church's "Creepin'")

(Parody of Eric Church's "Creepin'")

Like a kitty cat scratchin' on my insides
Feelin' hunger pangs, needin' something fried
From my truck I can smell the meat
Take a run through Burger King
And be eatin', eatin', eatin', eatin',

I pulled outta there with a Whopper and fries
Pants gettin' tight so I unzipped my fly
Since the day you left me baby 
I can feel the lonely, the hungry and lazy
So I'm eatin', eatin', Just a eatin', eatin',

Head to McDonalds, run to Five Guys
Feel Whataburger growin' my thighs
With an empty heart, gotta fill up my belly
Pancakes with molasses and biscuits with jelly
Just a eatin', eatin'

A quarter pound of greasy love
Got ketchup and A-1 flowing through my blood
That Baconator takes over me
Like gravy pouring on some savory beef
Just a eatin', eatin', Just a eatin', eatin',

Head to the Quiznos, Jack in the Box
My Levis Strausses, ridin' my crotch
And you can't forget the Doritos Tacos
Kinda like ranch dressing on top of my nachos
Just a eatin', eatin'

Just last night I saw the light
Of the sign at Bojangles, took a 20 piece ride
Thought I’d find my way out of this weight gain
Only to wind up at Chick-fil-a

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