Jan 16, 2015

Walter vs. Sam Hunt


  1. Yes!!!

    Oh my god, this is EXACTLY how I feel every damn time this guy is talked about in the media.

    Why won't anyone just come and say the obvious: he's a pop/r&b singer with virtually zero country content, even by modern, bro-country standards. It's so obvious, but it's like a magical taboo that no one's allowed to mention.

  2. I agree with Jack- I don't understand how this guy was even allowed to get a shot on country radio. Nothing about him is close to country, but for some reason he was played and actually had a hit. There are standards and they need to be upheld, otherwise what is the point in even classifying genres?

  3. Yeah huh he's country, he's from Alabama! - says the Sam supporters.

    I hate all of these people saying country music needs to be changed from its roots to more pop, R&B style. No country NEEDS to change to what it used to be. Real songs about real life without having to cater to people who aren't country.

    Honestly, I don't hate Sam's music. I just hate that it's considered country. On a Top 40 station I'd probably stop and dig it a little bit.



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