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Oct 15, 2021

I'm Not the Devil

Kane Brown Fan eCards

 These are actual YouTube comments from Kane Brown fans

Aldean Welcomes Thousands of New Fans Who Think He Sucks

Country superstar Jason Aldean is used to the adoration of throngs of pop-country fans across the country who dig his brand of rocked-up twangy bravado, but in recent weeks he’s experiencing something new altogether: new fans who can’t stand his music.

“I’ve never even considered listening to Jason Allen [sic] before I heard he had expressed beliefs publicly that aligned with my own,” said Tara McAllen of Gore Springs, MS. “Now I’m thinking about giving him a shot.” She went on to say that despite being a fan of traditional country and Americana, she was open to seeing the error of her ways. 

Many people across social media shared similar thoughts throughout the week. When country satire site Farce the Music shared a non-political but negative meme about Aldean, dozens of previous non-Aldean-fans expressed their disdain. “I always new you was a damn liberal…unfollowed!” replied Instagram user effyoubrandon, despite the meme having not even a whiff of partisanship. “Effyoubrandon” also added a photo of himself proudly wearing some of Aldean’s “Anti Biden Social Club” gear. 

The trend of music fans putting ideology over art isn’t a recent one (think Dixie Chicks), but has grown as Americans split into camps over issues such as vaccines, gender, and Machine Gun Kelly. It seems many would rather listen to an artist devoid of any depth, talent, or uniqueness simply to “own the libs/repubs.” 

When reminded that he’d frequently told outspoken artists Jason Isbell and BJ Barham to “shut up and sing” in the past, Brad Harbor of Panama City, FL retorted “Yeah, but they hate America. Jason Aldean may be a philandering, bloated, mediocre, angry meathead, but at least he knows the damned election was stolen! I can’t wait to go to one of his shows and get drunk enough to tolerate him!” 

At press time, Luke Bryan was attempting to formulate a mildly controversial opinion.

Oct 14, 2021

A Cautionary Tale

Brewed From a Mountain Stream

Beetlejuice Country Reaction Gifs

Rolling my eyes so hard when somebody says Kacey Musgraves' latest album is country

You wanna hear a good ol' Chris Knight killin' song?

Listening to the Pine Box Boys like...

When you play your uncle some Sam Hunt and tell him they call that country nowadays

When I hear "Fancy Like" for the 4th time in 3 quarters of the game on Saturday

If I hear "Fancy Like" a fifth time..

When both your tastes in country music is so bad it shocks the other

Neil Young bout to go on stage

Oct 13, 2021

I Could Sing Those Sad Old Country Songs

Reginald Spears on Luke Bryan, Sam Hunt, Chris Knight, & Kane Brown

A Visual Interview With Garth Brooks

I hear that back in your early days, you missed a couple of shows. Was that your fault or were you hanging out with bad influences?

Remember when Sam Hunt covered your song “What She’s Doing Now?” What did it take for you to get through a listen of that?

Do you ever pull a Scrooge McDuck and go swimming in piles of money?

Despite the pandemic, you’ve still been able to put on a few shows in the last 18 months. Do you still enjoy getting out there and performing for the people?

Despite the pandemic, you’ve been able to increase your net worth by around $35 million in the last 18 months. Do you still enjoy making money?

How do you feel when people say you ruined country music?

How many bodies are there Garth? Don’t think we’re stupid.


You were kidding earlier about crying when people say you ruined country music right? You don’t really give a shit, correct?

Okay, so who really ruined country music?

Thanks Garth! Now, how many bodies does that guy have buried?


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