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Oct 26, 2023

Venom & Morbius Country Reaction Gifs

When I'm minding my own business and hear snap-beat country playing nearby

My favorite Jerry Jeff Walker song?

Me when I realized I didn't have to be spoon-fed country music by the radio

Frat boy at the Wallen concert stoned out of his mind about to tell the cops his dad's a lawyer

When you check out the Wild Country playlist on Spotify and the first song has 808 beats

When you're in a fender bender with a dude wearing a Billy Strings tee shirt

How is making jokes about Luke Bryan's jeans "gatekeeping?"

When you cheat at ...anything... in a Chris Knight song

When the country record label doesn't know
if you can sing but sees that you're a
tall, handsome dude between the ages of 20 and 27

When she shows up for the blind date wearing a Jason Aldean t-shirt

Aug 3, 2023

Pee Wee's Big Adventure Country Reaction Gifs

I guess he shouldn't have tried to do 
the Tequila dance in a small town

Hoping to hear a fiddle on country radio

When the bar plays "Sangria Wine"

I know a man that cook armadillo
Taste so sweet he called it pie

Willie Nelson circa 1972

People calling each other liberals in the Facebook comments of a non-political country meme

*Listens to Garth Brooks and Jason Isbell in a row one time

"Why won't you admit Sam Hunt is country?"

When you're trying to break up nicely, but it's really because she likes Morgan Wallen

Country + Rap + Crap? Never heard that one before.

When you touch the radio while Marge is listening to Patsy Cline

 RIP Paul.

Nov 10, 2022

Top 12 Signs a Texas Country Singer Isn’t Really From Texas

~ Trailer, with big help from Rich O’Toole


12. When he covers “Screw You, We’re From Texas,” he just lets the crowd sing the word ‘Texas'

11. Thinks you’re talking about Lebron James when you mention the king

10. Actually enjoys Lone Star Beer

9. Dad owns a financial firm in Little Rock

8. Makes up a lie that it’s how they did it in (makes up Texas small town) when somebody calls them out for putting beans in chili

7. Follows Rich O’Toole on Twitter

6. Just nods along when band talks about kolaches because he thinks that’s a wooden dancing shoe that the Swedish wear or some shit

5. Still thinks Pat Green is famous

4. Wears a straw hat in winter

3. Books a Friday show in Houston and a Saturday show in El Paso because “it’s the same state, how far can it be?”

2. Rhymes ‘Bexar’ with Lexar in a song

1. Calls Jerry Jeff Walker …Jerry Jeff Walker

Nov 24, 2021

WKRP in Cincinnati Country Reaction Gifs

Tell me you're not country as f 

without saying you're not country as f


My brain after months of "Fancy Like" commercials

Life with you makes perfect sense,
you're my best friend

When you see some redneck mothers

When Herb asks you out to a Luke Bryan concert

When Travis suggests playing mainstream country radio in the breakroom

Trying to get out of a conversation with a Kane Brown fan

What happens when you play Florida-Georgia Line in a large crowd


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