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Jun 30, 2022

Deep Thoughts From Famous Singers


Top Gun Country Reaction Gifs

 When it's time for some bluegrass

"You shouldn't talk bad about Walker Hayes' music because he's a nice man with a good family"

So you finally saw Willie Nelson, huh?

A Chase Rice video, probably

When she meets the mythical blogger who hates pop-country but loves hair metal

If you were on Big Rock Candy Mountain, what would you do?

When somebody asks you to turn down the 49 Winchester

Yeah Morgan Wallen is better than a lot of other current pop-country singers, but that doesn't mean he's very good

When you tell her your hobby is making Kane Brown fans feel bad about their taste in music

Jun 23, 2022

The Empire Strikes Back Country Reaction Gifs

 The day I turned on country radio and they were playing a song about shaking ass for the catfish

Say Walker Hayes is country or fall into the abyss

When an Upchurch fan asks you out

Waiting on country radio to play a Waylon song

Dustin Lynch: "party mode party mode party mode"

Be careful when you catch yourself tapping your foot to a FGL song

Aldean sings a high note

Jun 16, 2022

Wrasslin' Country Reaction Gifs #60

 If you think Walker Hayes won't be playing state fairs in 3 years

♫ From this moment
life has begun
From this moment
you are the one 

The bro-country era was like...

Hey fella, I bet you listen to Colter Wall

"Come on,  just give Kane Brown a chance, he says he loves country music!"

When you hear that your coworker finally took your Turnpike suggestion to heart

Why does he listen to Slaid Cleaves and Lori McKenna so much?

When she says something about Anderson East and chill

You wanna light up the fire pit, pour some Jameson, and crank some Waylon?

Jun 10, 2022

Aunt Bernadette Very Upset You Shared That Walker Hayes Meme on Facebook

“You orta be ashamed,” began Aunt Bernadette’s reply to your Facebook post. “That man has a wonderful Christian testimony.” She was commenting below the meme you posted about pop-country star Walker Hayes and was quite upset with you.

“You’re mama annem raised you better then that,” she went on. “Wish you’d take this down.” The normally cheerful and warm Bernadette McPhail, your mom’s step-sister from your granny’s first husband, was very worked up about your inability to enjoy Walker Hayes’ insipid talk-singing songs about restaurants and styrofoam. Surely his upstanding morals make his silly novelty songs lay more easily on your ears?

The meme, seen above right, portrays Hayes’ music as a far greater cultural annoyance than the constant news stories and social media posts about Elon Musk and Johnny Depp. You shared it from the Farce the Music page, so it’s not like you made it… why can’t she take a joke? 

Auntie Bernadette, however, thinks you should focus only on the positive aspects of Mr. Hayes’ life. Oddly enough, she wasn’t able to focus on the positives of her ex-husband, who was also a good Christian, albeit one with a penchant for driving over to the riverboats in Vicksburg a bit too often.

“It’s not like I made fun of Walker’s faith,” you think, still firm in your opinion of his just-shit-awful music, “Aunt Bernie’s current “Godly” husband may or may not have once owned a white suit with a pointy hat, but we don’t talk about that, do we?”

At press time, Aunt Bernadette was praying for your eternal soul with a Salem Light hanging from the corner of her mouth, and considering calling your mother.

Jun 9, 2022

Mysteries of the Modern Age

 Idea blatantly borrowed from Mark Normand

Better Call Saul Country Reaction Gifs

When "Rednecks, White Socks, and 
Blue Ribbon Beer" comes on

When you find out your boyfriend is secretly a Walker Hayes fan

If you haven't seen Lucero live...

What do you think of the new Ian Noe album?

When the car next to you is playing 49 Winchester

How did the hick-hop festival go?

Me after the show when nobody is talking to the sound guy

When "There Stands the Glass" comes on but it turns out it's just that f**king Sam Hunt song again

Carrie Underwood's new album is out tomorrow

When he hits on you with "I got Luke Bryan tickets"


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