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Jan 30, 2024

Top 10 Things Taylor Swift Might’ve Been Saying in This Picture

10. It’s all going according to plan, ahahahahahahahaha! (evil villain laugh)

9. Can we leave so we can beat the traffic?

8. “Mean” wasn’t actually about Trigger at Saving Country Music

7. It’s all true. I’m only dating you to raise my visibility or your visibility, not sure which. But anyway, yeah… Carl wearing wraparound shades in his F-150 ranting on TikTok is 100% correct. Sorry. 

6. KC BBQ is better than Texas and beans go in chili

5. Reba is doing the national anthem for the Super Bowl and not me?? What exactly am I dating you for?

4. Don’t tell anybody but I think that Ben Shapiro rap song kind of slaps

3. Brittany wants to go out for flaming shots at Poets after this, you in?

2. You really blew that play in the 3rd quarter; you were supposed to pick up the blitz you little bitch.


Nov 24, 2023

Football Country Reaction Gifs

When you'll be the subject of catchy kiss-off pop song in a couple of years

When you're tired of the Jason Isbell comparisons

He just started liking cheating songs

The human embodiment of a squatted truck blaring Upchurch

When the Vandoliers audition for a cowbell player

Name a Jimmy Wayne song
Close enough 

Said this is how you do the Watermelon Crawl

When you realize most of Toby Keith's 90s songs were jams

When somebody says you're soft as Dan + Shay

Jumping off the Tyler Childers bandwagon when he "went woke"

Aug 31, 2022

Country Music Fantasy Football Team Names 2022

Haven't done these in a while so here we go, with help from Twitter pals. The ones not attributed are by yours truly, Trailer. 

There Stands the Kupp

The Night They Drove McCaffrey Down

Jerry Reed Options @Misery_n_Gin

Cross Canadian Football League @lhcountryboy

Feathered Commanders

Shotgun Willie @ReadWatchDo

Why Ja’Marr in Here Looking Like That

Touchdown Troubadours @theadamdrake

Why Brady Why

Punt Flicker Pass @JWOutlaw13

Wagon Wheel Route (Adam Drake)

Lost Dak Street Band @TreyBlair33

Mike Evans & The Moonpies (Trey)

Turnpike Goin' For Twobadours @brianmather

Sunday Night Blues

Mammas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Deshaun Watson @FriendDevin

All the Gould in California

The Cody Wolves @Robberino

Cast No Picks

Delta Down @JonMDanforth

The Charles Wesley Go Routes @wilkins63

If Dick Butkus is Up, Why Am I Down

Lynyrd Pigskynyrd @DavidJoy_Author

Lost on 30 Akers

Shenandoah Checkdown @JArnoldTAMU85

Are You Sure Lombardi Done It This Way (Adam Drake)

Jason IsBall @RCHoyt34 

Tonight the Waddle Let Me Down

Streets of Lambeaufield @thatjohnhammond

Houston Oilers Marchman (LH Country Boy)

Sweet Dreams (of a W) @JenJenMichelle

I Will Make You Hurts

Wichita Offensive Lineman @ShawnC96WL

Drive-By Justin Tuckers (Shawn)

The Rita Ballou 42s @The_Reliant

Deebo & Lefty

Matt Stafford & The 400 Unit @mrbalusek

Townes Van Slant @knotts632

Kittle Bitty

Muscadine First Down Line @Western_Grunge

Chase Daniels, If You Please

Grieving, I’m a Jets Fan

Jan 31, 2022

Don't Call Your Uniform an Outfit

Walker Hayes Twitter Slander - Again

Walker had a halftime concert at the KC/Cincy AFC Championship game and it drowned out the analysts who were on the field right beside his massive speakers. It caused some Twitter consternation.

And we'll end it with what may be the worst Twitter FAIL of all time. Cringe.


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