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Jun 28, 2021

"Country" Singer Beer Posters

A recent TikTok and Twitter trend is fake beer posters - usually featuring scantily clad women. In this case, we'll just use pop country artists with the beer that fits them best.

I'm probably cancelled for this one

Apr 21, 2021

Isbell Georgia Covers Album Cover & Track Listing Revealed!

Jason Isbell has promised an album of covers of Georgia artists at some point in the future. Well, we got the track listing and it's uh... disappointing.

*not real

Apr 1, 2021

Dave Chappelle Country Reaction Gifs

*language warning*

 Me walking into my first live show after the pandemic

Niko Moon's second single is worse than the first one

Definitely bought the Morgan Wallen album

Your mother listens to Dan + Shay

The day Jason Aldean puts out another good song, I'll say

Turnpike fans every time they see a bit of Evan news

When somebody sends me a meme somebody else copied off me

If you're going to talk fondly about Kane Brown around me,
you can either leave...

Dec 17, 2020

A Muppets Christmas Carol Country Reaction Gifs

 When you're down-wind from a Willie Nelson concert

What every country song was about in the 1930s

Find you a woman who's cuddly and loves sitting by a fire listening to Ward Davis with you

Jason Aldean:

When the lights come on even though you expected an encore

"But Old Dominion is pretty good even if they're not very country"

George Strait? Amarillo big fan!

When somebody tweets "Charlie Pride was my favorite country singer!"

When the spirit insists on listening to Kane Brown while she imparts her lesson to you


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