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Dec 7, 2023

Star Trek Country Reaction Gifs

When you ask her on a straight tequila night 
and she's ready to fight

When he tries to pick you up using Tyler Hubbard lyrics

When your coworker is loudly playing "The Christmas Shoes"

Showing up to defend George Strait when zoomers say he isn't that great

When somebody puts Wallen's album at #1 for 2023

Trying to act interested in a conversation with a Kane Brown fan

Garth Brooks if he tries all that 90s swinging on cables and jumping over fire in 2024

Hey girl, is that Whiskey Myers? Well turn it up.

When the street festival cover band is playing Luke Bryan songs

What happened after you consumed an entire Jason Aldean album?

Nov 30, 2023

Wrasslin' Country Reaction Gifs #76

When somebody says George Jones
was the Kane Brown of the 70s
(yes someone said that on Facebook)

When your cousin's laughing about the time he accidentally broke your George Strait tape in 1996

When some dude keeps trying to get you to listen to Upchurch

Me reading the comments on a Garth Brooks meme devolve to name calling, manhood questioning, and misspellings. 

Some hipster folk singer who just dropped a single about minority representation in old cartoons

Morgan Wallen fan experiences first book

Still better than listening to that Elvis/Kane Brown song

When somebody requests "Wagon Wheel" for the 5th time

Does Farce the Music own a Jason Aldean CD?

When you bring your rockabilly girlfriend home for Thanksgiving

The next big thing in mainstream country, probably

Dolly is 77, she shouldn't dress lik...


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