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Dec 17, 2021

Walker Hayes to Release Country Remix of “Fancy Like”

by Trailer - Reimagining of a story originally posted on Country California - Wednesday, July 22, 2009 

Riding high on the success of his massive crossover pop hit “Fancy Like,” Walker Hayes has announced plans to follow that up in coming weeks with a country remix, or re-imagining to be exact, of the viral smash. 

The song, which was Walker’s first #1 hit and the first Applebee’s commercial to claim the pinnacle on the major country charts, will receive quite a makeover for this incarnation. Instead of the danceable beats, there will be light percussion and passionate fiddle shreds. The laconic rap/talk-singing reading of the lyrics will be replaced by a slow, note-bending drawl of the sort once employed by Garth Brooks. There may even be some audible steel guitar, clearly signaling a radical departure for the wide-jawed Tennessee boy.

Whether this release will continue Hayes’ winning streak is yet to be determined, but many behind the scenes are questioning the move. "Who's gonna play it? I mean, this thing is like, old-timey sounding and stuff," said Clearchannel country radio DJ Trey Turner. "You can't do a TikTok dance to it… I don't like it," complained Klarissa Jo McReynolds of Bude, Mississippi in a reply on Walker’s Facebook page.

Hayes, for his part, maintains that this will play to a new demographic he hasn't reached before. "The people who actually like the organic, authentic-sounding, classic traditional stuff like Tim McGraw and Jason Aldean,” said Hayes, shaping a recently purchased cowboy hat, "that's an audience we haven't spoken to yet." 

Nov 19, 2021

Pop-Country Singer Describes Every Album as “Getting Back to His Roots”

As a popular pop-country singer with several number one hits to his name prepares to release his newest album, he’s revealing more of himself than ever before since the previous album. “I’m getting back to my roots,” smiles the affable, handsome young man. “That is purposely vague because I listened to lots of different trendy artists at different times in my life, so you never know what you’ll get.”

He went on to say that this particular “return to his roots” will focus on his late-teens when he was really into Blink 182 and Shania Twain. The return to his roots on his last release was a return to the 90s country of his childhood. “I’m not being inauthentic when I refer to ‘my roots’ because I have a lot of options to pick from - 2Pac in my mid-teens; Garth in 5th grade; Lil Nas X in 2018 - it can go wherever it needs to based on the prevailing winds of what makes me more money.” said the refreshingly transparent superstar. 

Also of note, handsomefamilymancountrysinger says that this album is his most personal yet. “It gives you a look into the psyche of a man whose last single underperformed, so his record company got antsy and asked him to dig deeper in search of something that would make more money for my person.” he laughed. “Also, I co-wrote one more song this go round, so it is literally more personal.”

While this all seems a bit jaded and flakey, blandfacialhairbro’s management assured us that the new record is an organic attempt at showing the world an unflinchingly honest view of a performer desperately hoping to add a heated salt-water pool to his family’s ski chalet.

At press time, the singer provided us with one more quote about the upcoming project: “People will see more of me in this work than ever before …because I’m wearing shorts on the inside of the album art!”


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