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Oct 23, 2019

Every 2019 Country Hit

Every 2019 Country Hit
©2019 FTM Satire

Snap beat snap beat snap beat, baby girl
I’m shameless, I’ll rhyme that with world
Hey sweetie, are you here all by yourself?
That’s not creepy cause I sung it smooth as hell

Got a sweet beard and a trendy tattoo
Unkempt shirt and a gelled up do
You can tell I’m a bad boy, I bet
Because of those things I already said

And the chorus just goes…
Oooh ooooh oooh girl
Oooh oooh oooh
Oooh oooh yeah girl
Oooh oooh yeah

Snap beat snap beat clap beat little thang
Sang that line with a fake country twang
Barely audible fiddle going on
So people think this is a country song

But the chorus be like…
Ayeee ayeee ayeee girl
Oooh oooh oooh
Oooh oooh yeah girl
Oooh oooh yeah

You know damn well what happens this verse
Got a big truck that never touches dirt
Wanna get in it and get outta here?
I’m tall and handsome so have no fears

Oooh ooooh oooh girl
Oooh oooh oooh
Oooh oooh yeah girl
Oooh oooh yeah

Snap beat

May 23, 2019

Little Known Facts Makes Its Glorious Return

Insane Clown Posse plans on releasing their entire catalog as country albums in 2019. There will be no changes or remixing done.

Shooter Jennings recently hit the big 4-0 which is a big deal since he was only 3 feet, 11 inches earlier in the year.

Due to him neglecting it while spending so much time on the road and at the beach, Kenny Chesney’s tractor is no longer considered sexy.

Zac Brown’s new rap song has reportedly coaxed hours of valuable information out of terrorists at Guantanamo Bay.

78% of all blacked out names in the Mueller Report were Steve Earle.

Famed Bigfoot hunter Eric Tipton has decided there isn’t enough challenge in looking for the elusive creature and now devotes his time to searching for women on the country music charts.

Jordan Davis’ beard is kind of like Samson’s hair in that it is hair on the head of someone who doesn’t sing country music. 

John Rich was one of the crowd favorites at a recent Nashville songwriting expo after he was a last minute substitution for the scheduled janitor that called in sick. 

Americana is sometimes called “country music for liberals” because much like liberalism, it proclaims gender equality but is mostly run by old white dudes. 

Constantly posting on Facebook about his weight loss vitamins is why John Anderson is the black sheep of his family. 

As a child, Russell Dickerson once got his head stuck in a toilet paper roll. 

I have never heard “Old Town Road” and will remove the genitalia of the first person that changes that.

Kane Brown coming on country radio is the equivalent of the auto flushing toilet pulling the paper seat cover down the drain before you are seated.


Most of these are by Jeremy Harris; a few are by Trailer.

Mar 6, 2019

Jan 10, 2019

The Current Poop of Mainstream Country: January '19

A poop emoji is negative; a strike-thru is positive.

The current Poop Rating of the Mediabase Top 20 is (-16) overall which is a 2 point drop from last September (the previous time we did this chart). The best song on the chart is Chris Stapleton's "Millionaire."  The worst is Mitchell Tenpenny's "Drunk Me" followed closely by Dustin Lynch's "Good Girl." There is 1 solo woman on the charts. In fact, there's only 1 woman in the entire top 20.

Chart info from Mediabase/Country Aircheck.

May 18, 2018

The Naked Gun: Country Reaction Gifs

Sam Hunt's "Downtown's Dead" plays...

A romance inspired by a bro-country song

When some dummy gives you the "country music has evolved" line

"Kane Brown is terrible"
"No, Jordan Davis is terrible"

When a trucker drives by blasting Florida-Georgia Line

Gary Levox takes in a ballgame

 Bobby Bones, defender of modern mainstream country

When a couple on the beach was playing Old Dominion earlier

Walker Hayes singing a George Jones song would be...

Heard any good murder ballads lately?

90s Country Star Comes to the Defense of Modern Country

Amid a steady barrage of elder country singers' complaints about the authenticity of modern country music, 90s star Brad Lee Peterson has come to its defense. 

"Johnny Lee and Travis Tritt and all these other old dudes are just salty and washed" said Peterson. "Man, I like to get crunk to some Sam Hunt and Kane Brown, my dudes. Go drink some Ensure and let the rest of us enjoy how country music has evolved, bro." 

Peterson, the singer of such 1990s favorites as "Hilfiger Cowboy" and "She Don't Blow Up My Pager Anymore" says he understands where the discord comes from, but that country music is in good hands with such artists as Bebe Rexha and Jordan Davis. 

"All this shade throwing comes from a place of jealousy. Jealousy that they aren't getting the airplay anymore." Peterson laughed. "Look in the mirror son, y'all ain't poppin' anymore - old get off my lawn head ass crackers."

"Luke Bryan is really where things started getting better and Florida-Georgia Line just got it lit to another level!" smiled Peterson. "Country music is whatever country radio tells us we should love - they know what they're doing. They knew when they made (Peterson's only #1) "Party Up in My Lowered Truck" a smash hit in '93 and they know now." 

The debate between country traditionalists and progressives has hit several peaks in recent years. Bro-country was extremely divisive and the current trend of R&B flavored music on country radio has raised the ire still higher. Peterson, for his part, thinks it's all overblown: "It goes in cycles - it'll come back around to more classic-sounding country like Rascal Flatts or Shania Twain - then it'll jump out of the box again and do something like mumble-country… but the wheel always turns." 

At press time, Brad Lee Peterson was preparing to release his comeback single "Hashtag Fire (ft. Post Malone)."

May 17, 2018

Country Doppelgängers: Evan Felker, Clint Black, Koe Wetzel, etc.

 Roy Rogers looked like Clint Black's dad

 Turnpike Troubadour Evan Felker
and actor/Jackass Johnny Knoxville

 Jordan Davis is a less cool 
Opie of Sons of Anarchy (Ryan Hurst)

 Kyle Park and "yodel boy" Mason Ramsey

Parker McCollum and Backstreet Boy, Nick Carter

Koe Wetzel is Mark Henry without the melanin and muscles

Lee Greenwood looks like man

Apr 27, 2018

Pop "Country" Fan eCards

These are actual YouTube comments from fans of Jordan Davis, Dustin Lynch, and Bebe/FGL.

Mar 29, 2018

Airplane: Country Reaction Gifs

When somebody tries to talk to you while you're listening to Tyler Childers.

When somebody on the plane has a
Walker Hayes ringtone.

Listening to Ashley Monroe's "Hands on You" like...

Surely you're not serious that you never 
listen to top 40 country radio?

When you walk in on a co-working
really getting into a Kelsea Ballerini song

How country radio treats women.

When they're listening to Jordan Davis
in the control tower

"I'm leaving because you listen to Florida-Georgia Line..."


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