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Sep 14, 2023

Sanford and Son Country Reaction Gifs 3

If the truck was full of Kane Brown merch

When somebody played the dance remix of “I Like It, I Love It” in 1995

What bro-country sounds like to a boomer

How I sleep after pissing off Aldean fans again

My face when somebody’s online demeaning George Strait’s contributions to country music

He said “I wanna taste that powerful stuff”

When you walk in the party and they’re cranking Wallen

What do you call someone who pays $1k to see…anybody?

Koe Wetzel telling his grandkids stories one day

When you puff what Willie passes

Feb 28, 2023

Elderly Country Songs: Bailey Zimmerman, Tim McGraw, Jason Isbell, Garth Brooks

Garth Brooks
Much Too Old
The Beaches of Punta Gorda
Poor Short Term Memory
The Scooter Rolls

Tim McGraw
My Next 10 Years
Senile and Kind
Elder Than I Used to Be
Cranky All the Time

Bailey Zimmerman
Fall in Den
Back Has a Hard Place
Fix’n to Nap

Jason Isbell
Stool Where She Sits in the Shower
Flying Over the Hill
How to Forget
Brand New Kind of Activia

Feb 16, 2023

Tommy Boy Country Reaction Gifs

Dan + Shay, if you're trying to make country music...

Name a lesser known Tim McGraw single

Introducing a Kane Brown fan to books

Every time I hear Sierra Ferrell, I think...

Maren Morris to country radio when her next record is pop

When Hardy sings without the benefit of pitch correction

When the radio got switched to The Highway (Sirius XM) while you were in the gas station

At least there ain't nothin' wrong with the radio

Spending $700 to see a guy with a mullet sing poorly about hometowns and whiskey glasses


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