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Sep 22, 2022

Mama's Family Country Reaction Gifs 2

After you flip off the Morgan Wallen listener who cut you off

(sorry to remind you of this song's existence)

When a pop-country songwriter finds out about solo writes

When the cocaine wears off and you realize you shot your woman down last night

What's Tyler Childers' new album about?

How to get through a party where the cover band is doing Luke Bryan's greatest hits

When a redneck mother's about to put you up against the wall

Sep 2, 2022

This Guy Honors Florida-Georgia Line’s Legacy

Well, I can’t belief it but it has finally come. The day what I never imagined… Florida-Georgia Line’s last concert has happened. They have said their just taking a break but that’s what my ex-wife said too and that bitch is living in Gwata malla or something.

Any way, we’re hear to honor the glorious career of Florida-Georgia Line, the greatest country band in history! They paved the way for country music to not be lame and sad like it used to be and opened doors for awesome singers like Walker Hayes, Mitchell Ten Penny, and Morgan Walling. I can’t thank them enough for making country music great again.

Man, all the times I macked on honeys at a bar while “Cruise” was playing. They new I was a man of distinct coolness when I new every word! I’d take em back on a back road in my lifted Raptor and give em the disappointment of their lifes, but hell their’s more fish in the sea.

Me and my boys did many a keg stand listening to “This is How We Roll” and then we went out for a drive and listened too it some more and threw stuff at signs. Those were the days!

Now, FGL has a lot of critics, so let’s be honest. Were they the best singers? Probably just top 5 all time in that cat a gory. Were they the best lyric writers? Hell yes. Did there songs kick the most ass? You are motherf***ing right! So suck it critics. This band changed the face of are favorite music for the better so go listen to you’re sad boy American Airconditioner or Taylor Simpson or what ever and let me enjoy my good time classic country from Brian and Tyler!

I’m sad too see them go, but I will always cherish the mammaries. Don’t cry because its over, smile be cause of the good times what was. I wish I had been they're for there last show, but I was their in spirit! I hope the crowd pumped those fists, sang those songs, drank those beers, staired at them girls in cut off shorts. Dam that sounds like heaven. Anyway, thank you FGL for the grate music guys!

Pour out a Fireball for da boyz!

Aug 18, 2022

Parks and Rec Country Reaction Gifs 4

When he says he's seen Florida-Georgia Line in concert one time

Why is Walker Hayes so cringe?

After years of comparing Luke Bryan to toilets and other gross stuff...

When he changes the station from Outlaw XM to The Highway

I don't care if the Zac Brown Band is putting out better music now, after The Owl...

Tell me an underrated Strait song then amble away

Tell me what Sam Hunt music sounds like

The greeting when a female artist does a radio station visit

If Morgan Wallen is playing at an outdoor festival

Aug 11, 2022

Richard Pryor Country Reaction Gifs

Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney walking into the jail cell for drunkenly riding a police horse

Me waiting on somebody to say "anything but country"

Country roads, take me home to the place I belooooo

If they drive a squatted truck blaring Morgan Wallen, how big is "it?"

A redneck's reply any time they see Dan + Shay mentioned online

Luke Bryan at 60 when somebody asks him how long he'll keep singing about college girls

When you're in prison and see Johnny Paycheck walk in

When the on hold music is Walker Hayes

When you're talking Ryan Bingham music with some ladies and they start saying some horni stuff about him

Jul 29, 2022

Recent Morgan Wallen Fans Growing Bored with Lack of New Racist Comments

“I became a Morgan Wallen fan because he wasn’t afraid to say what was on his mind,” said an angry Vernel Peacock of Tallahassee, FL. “But now he’s just like, putting out music and touring and stuff.”

Peacock’s statement is similar to that of many others in the community of Morgan Wallen fans who latched onto him on February 2, 2021. The newcomers seem dismayed at the lack of controversial statements from the country music superstar, who had the number one selling album of 2021, Dangerous.

“I’m worried he’s becoming a liberal,” said a concerned Lela Pritchard of West Memphis, AR. “If he’s holding his tongue while all this bad s*** is happening in our country, then maybe they got to him.” She went on to lament his lack of Confederate flags in his merchandise and his following through on his pledge to donate to to black-led charities after being caught on camera saying the n-word last year.

The influx of fans aboard the Morgan Wallen train oddly coincided with his controversial statement last year, many of them admitting they were not even country fans prior to the incident. Wallen sold over 2 millions albums in 2021 alone, surely because of the growth of his songwriting and vocals, and for no other unseemly reasons.

“When ar u gonna confront what there doing to are country and rioting an burning cities and steel are election and stop being afraid of cancel culture again? I miss the ole Morgen Walling who wasn’t afraid of “WORDS” Not so Dangerous are you?” [sic] read a Facebook reply to one of Wallen’s posts. It was unclear what this had to do with Wallen announcing his newest single “You Proof,” but it was apparently heavy in the thoughts of Terry Lee Redding of Angola, IN.

At press time, only 52% of 2021 Dangerous purchasers had actually listened to the album.


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