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Mar 14, 2024

E.T. Country Reaction Gifs

West Virginia fans when "Country Roads" is played at the game

When you check upcoming local concerts and it's all crap like Jordan Davis and Sam Hunt

Listens to Tyler Childers once

When somebody plays you a 2024 country song and it sounds like a 2019 rap song

Thought police coming to tell you who really invented country music

Kenny Chesney's date when he takes his hat off

I'm pretty good at drinkin' beer 

If you're old enough to remember Kenny Rogers getting played on the radio, I bet this terror is etched into your memory

The Monday after a 3-day festival when you're over 35

Lil' Jason Aldean's Halloween costume circa 1987

Mar 8, 2024

SC Man to Sue Tyler Childers After “In Your Love” Video “Turns Him Gay”

Columbia, South Carolina resident Pete Dew says he’s made some major changes in his life recently, and he’s not happy about it. Dew, whose wife filed divorce papers this past week, says it all started with a song. Well, a video to be more specific: Tyler Childers’ “In Your Love.”

“I was Childers fan from way back,” said Dew. “Until he got woke singing about black people on a mountain or some s***; that’s when I moved on.” Dew says he has checked back in on Childers’ work from time to time, just to see “if he’d come back to his senses” but was mostly just listening to oldies and indie-pop these days. 

What happened next could not have been predicted by anyone, including Dew’s wife, mother, stylist, fitness trainer, or interior designer. “That damn coal miner video turnt me gay!” said Dew. “Before that, I was the straightest man alive, I loved sexual relations with my lovely wife, I loved a fresh pair of square toes, I loved pro wrestling!”

Dew told us he is speaking with attorneys about filing a lawsuit against Childers. “The first time I watched the video, I was confused about the feelings I was having,” related Dew. “By the 34th time, I figured out Tyler was using some kind of subliminal messages in the video to turn us all gay. I bet the WEF and the UN paid him.” 

Dew said that was it; he knew. He spent a few days extensively researching information and photos on the internet before telling his wife. “She said she wasn’t that surprised,” frowned Dew. “But I said naw baby, it was Tyler! She thought Tyler was a dude I was seeing, but I explained it to her and she just said ‘sure hon’ and walked out.” 

At press time, Pete Dew was Googling “rainbow Gadsden flag.”


Please note that almost any time I use stereotypes, I am making fun of that stereotype. 

Feb 27, 2024


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