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Apr 13, 2023

The Mandalorian Country Reaction Gifs

When somebody riding with me complains about the constant sad country songs

When somebody drives by listening to Kane Brown

When somebody pesters Shooter Jennings while he's producing

When your buddy has to take his kids to see Thomas Rhett

When you walk in the club in a vintage 1991 Alan Jackson tee and tight-rolled acid wash jeans

When the only concerts coming to town are Sam Hunt and Luke Bryan

Sturgill has a song with Diplo??

Waiting on that new Nicholas Jamerson album

Some of y'all think Wallen, who writes and sings mediocre songs, is better than Strait, who sings classics but that's none... 

Mar 9, 2023

Hot Rod Country Reaction Gifs

Clay Walker, politely critiquing his bus driver's performance

Feb. 29, 2016, Koe Wetzel's friend asks:
"Why did you tell that punk ass cop to take you to jail?"

🎶And I’m proud to be an American where at least I know I’m free 🎶

When you're too drunk to remember your name but somebody cranks up Sturgill Simpson

When the dance remix of “Chattahoochee” comes on

When you're very shy but she's wearing a Vandoliers t-shirt

Why were you listening to Gary Stewart for 10 straight hours?

Every time a pop-country singer says 
their next song is more traditional

Dec 9, 2022

You Ain't Livin' the Dream

Innovative Americana Singer Writes Song About Rural Melancholia

Up and coming Americana singer/songwriter Louis Reynolds is ready to level up in a big way. The Austin newcomer will drop his debut single “Dust on the Silo” next Friday and is anticipating a massive response. The reason for this optimism? “Dust on the Silo” breaks new ground in the sometimes stodgy and predictable genre with its sorrowful tale of rural melancholia, a subject he says is untouched by the rest of Americana and roots rocks’ stalwarts. 

“Sturgill Samson [sic] isn’t going to know what hit him,” laughed the tall, handsome former badminton star. “The ‘elites’ of Americana music are all writing about turtles and Jesus and horses, but they don’t really get what the common man is going through. The turnip farmers and train drivers of America need their stories heard and I’m here to tell them!”

The song, a 3 minute and 23 second, mid-tempo, Lumineers-esque anthem, digs into the financial and emotional hardships of an Arkansas turnip farmer enduring a severe drought. While sketchy on detail accuracy and mediocre with the guitar work, Reynolds manages to squeeze a great deal of grit and passion from his slightly above average voice, making “Dust on the Silo” a definite single to be heard by people with ears. 

“Authenticity is so important in this style of music,” smiled Reynolds, sipping a whiskey sour on the balcony of his East Austin apartment. “I want my fans to know that I feel what they’re going through; I’ve read all about the coal miners on Oxyclean pills and truck drivers crying in a Love’s parking lot. This shit is real!”

At press time, Reynolds was getting his beard trimmed at a hip barber shop for the single photo shoot, while sipping a pour over coffee.

Dec 8, 2022

Danny McBride Country Reaction Gifs

Sturgill Simpson doing a talk at his local school

When everybody finds out about the Cole Swindell CD you own

What's your favorite Lonestar song?

And the answer to the question: Who should play Conway Twitty in a biopic? is.... 

When your snitch brother finds out you're using a fake ID to get into an 18 and up Vandoliers show

When somebody walks in wearing a Kane Brown shirt

Is Walker Hayes shinola or..

Morgan Wallen fans, wanting him to say the thing again


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