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Jul 2, 2019

Captain America Country Reaction Gifs

What do we do if someone insults Waylon Jennings?

You think Thomas Rhett would have a career without his dad?

When somebody drives by playing Turnpike Troubadours

You wanna keep debating who's country and who isn't?

When I hear 1 second of Mitchell Tenpenny singing

When your son is considering going to see a Luke Bryan concert with a girl

When a villain has me tied up on a roof and is torturing me with Kane Brown music

Jul 19, 2018

The Office Country Reaction Gifs 3

What's your favorite Turnpike Troubadours song?

What it's like to listen to a Lori McKenna album

When your office-mate complains about you listening to Cody Jinks all the time

Why isn't your song on country radio?

When a Luke Bryan song starts

Male country singers get plaques for their #1 songs;
Female country singers get...

Still better than going to a Kane Brown concert...

If you like Mitchell Tenpenny

May 17, 2018

Country Doppelgängers: Evan Felker, Clint Black, Koe Wetzel, etc.

 Roy Rogers looked like Clint Black's dad

 Turnpike Troubadour Evan Felker
and actor/Jackass Johnny Knoxville

 Jordan Davis is a less cool 
Opie of Sons of Anarchy (Ryan Hurst)

 Kyle Park and "yodel boy" Mason Ramsey

Parker McCollum and Backstreet Boy, Nick Carter

Koe Wetzel is Mark Henry without the melanin and muscles

Lee Greenwood looks like man

May 3, 2018

WWE Country Reaction Gifs 30

When CMT announces a show you might enjoy

When a dude at your backyard barbecue
talks shit about Turnpike Troubadours

When Mean Gene says he prefers pop country
to traditional country

When you thought Dustin Lynch had
some potential to be good but...

Nashville record label execs when they find out
somebody on the staff hired a female artist

What haters think of when you say you like country music

"But Sam Hunt never said he was country,
it's his label who..."

When your best friend's wedding is the same
evening as the Cody Jinks show

Feb 22, 2018

Married... With Children Country Reaction Gifs

Stapleton and Turnpike on ACL?

When you're ripped at the concert
but they finally play your favorite

When the doctor's office waiting room
has mainstream country playing

When your son says he wants to go
to the Upchurch show Friday night

Country stars retweeting compliments:

When your wife starts humming a Kane Brown song

The inspiration for every Old Dominion song

True romance, in a Florida-Georgia Line song...


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