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Mar 14, 2019

The Office Country Reaction Gifs 4

You wanna hear the new Dustin Lynch songs? C'mon man.

Old Dominion's new ballad

When a song starts with steel guitar and then the snap beats come in

When your friends take a road trip to see Moon Taxi

Looking at the latest bro-dude at #1 on the country chart like...

Why do you like Florida-Georgia Line?

When a Kane Brown fan tries to explain ...anything

When I try to put into words how I feel about country radio

Dec 14, 2018

Sitcom Christmas Country Reaction Gifs

 When Jerry says maybe we've been judging Kane Brown a little harshly

When Willie Nelson comes to your Christmas party

When you don't get the Merle Haggard box set you wanted

This gif is still less annoying than "The Christmas Shoes"

How can FGL have the nerve to call an album Can't Say I Ain't Country??

Why do you continuously troll pop-country fans on Twitter?

When it's Festivus and you get to air your grievances to country radio

♫ ♬ All the people in the crowd say he ain't half bad
Well, they call me King... ♫ ♬

Jul 19, 2018

The Office Country Reaction Gifs 3

What's your favorite Turnpike Troubadours song?

What it's like to listen to a Lori McKenna album

When your office-mate complains about you listening to Cody Jinks all the time

Why isn't your song on country radio?

When a Luke Bryan song starts

Male country singers get plaques for their #1 songs;
Female country singers get...

Still better than going to a Kane Brown concert...

If you like Mitchell Tenpenny

Jan 18, 2018

The Office Country Reaction Gifs 2

Do you like Mitchell Tenpenny's song, "Bitches?"

Why don't you listen to Walker Hayes?

Reading Bobby Bones' Tweets

What's your reaction when I say....
Gary Levox

Me listening to somebody talk about 
their love of Sam Hunt
in real life and trying not to go 
all "that's not country" blogger on them

Why don't you listen to mainstream country radio?

If you still have truck nutz in 2018

 Up against the wall redneck mother 


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