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Aug 9, 2019

Happy Days Country Reaction Gifs

When mainstream country record labels ask new singers why they should hire them

Like Old Dominion, but without the suck

When two big dudes play FGL on the jukebox

When your friends says you were right about Whiskey Myers being badass

When people take a Farce post seriously

When Tyler Childers and Mike & The Moonpies release great albums on the same day

After she tells you she's a huge Kane Brown fan

When you see that your favorite country act is having a DJ open their shows

♫ ♬ Turn out the lights, the party's over ♫ ♬

Mar 28, 2019

Random A** Country Reaction Gifs

When you're having either a dream or an LSD trip about Willie & Waylon eating pizza

"Oh you think I should turn down the Whiskey Myers?"

How "country" radio execs sleep at night after hearing all the complaints from us "purists"

Country radio's business model

"I was framed; they took me away like I was the only one to blame"

When "Fishin' in the Dark" comes on

When somebody wears a Kane Brown t-shirt to a job interview

The first question you ask somebody who says country is a lifestyle not a genre

Oct 4, 2018

Back to the Future Country Reaction Gifs

When someone plays you a country song
but it's just a pop song with a southern drawl

"But I thought we were gonna drink beer from red Solo cups on some gravel roads"

If you're going to a Florida-Georgia Line concert...

Sturgill, ever since Laur Joamets left his band

No man, when Tyler Childers sings "holler," that ain't what he means

When somebody says Merle Haggard was overrated

If you see Whiskey Myers in concert, you're gonna hear some

When you tell your date the Wheeler Walker Jr. music she wanted to hear is kinda vulgar

Why I don't listen to Kane Brown

Jan 8, 2015

Jeremy Harris' Top 15 Albums of 2014

15. Foxy Shazam - GONZO
I don't know what happened but this album really grew on me. With every listen I was more 
and more into the crazy pop/rock sounds one of Cincinnati's most original sounding bands. 
The biggest bonus is that the album is free at

14. Those Crosstown Rivals - Hell and Back
This is one of the purest rock albums to be released this year. Very high energy from start to finish 
and features some guest vocals by Fifth on the Floor's Justin Wells.

13. Dallas Moore with Mama Madgelee Moore - Old Time Family Jam
While popular radio may have proclaimed their own "summertime albums", this was mine. The perfect music for sitting on the front porch eating peanuts and drinking cheap beer. (At least that's how I spent my summer) Dallas unleashes his talents by showing his vocal range and playing every instrument throughout the Appalachian folk songs on the album while being accompanied by his mother's dulcimer and her angelic voice.

12. Roger Alan Wade - Bad News Knockin'
I could sit and listen to Roger Alan Wade tell stories all day long but hearing him sing them is so much better. 
With this release he once again shows his serious side and offers a superb performance.

11. Joseph Huber - The Hanging Road
Joseph Huber brings one of the most complete and well mixed albums of 2014. With a little more exposure 
this could've been a huge album this year and deserves any and all praise it received
from those lucky enough to get a listen.

10. Sturgill Simpson - Metamodern Sounds in Country Music
Speaking of a huge album; Sturgill went all out on this one and received critical acclaim from so many people that I'm just wasting space by trying to pile on at this point. A must own for all underground music fans.

9. Jason Eady - Daylight and Dark
If Jason Eady isn't one of the best songwriters currently around then I don't know who is. An emotional train ride from start to finish.

8. Texas Hippie Coalition - Ride On
Just as THC states in their lyrics, "Rock ain't dead, it's just in rehab" and these red dirt rockers are doing their damnedest to bring it back to the masses by busting out their most solid release to date.

7. Jimbo Mathus - Dark Night of the Soul
This may be one of the harder to describe albums on my list. A little rock, a little country and a bunch of badass. Great all the way through and features two wonderful tracks written by the late Robert Earl Reed.

6. Bob Wayne - Back to the Camper
A giant step forward for Bob as he seems to be coming into his own while still embracing what fans have come to love and expect. Throw in some great duets and there is something for everyone within these tracks.

5. Phillip Fox Band - Heartland
Finally a full length Phillip Fox Band album. Building upon the sound first established in their debut EP 
"Motor City Blood" the boys swing hard and hit one out while maintaining their self proclaimed 
"country fried rock n roll" sound.

4. Red Eye Gravy - Dust Bowl Hangover
Have you ever wondered what it may sound like if Hank 3 didn't go overly weird at times on his last few releases? Me neither, but if I had thought about it I think this is as close of a guess as I could come up with.

3. Whiskey Myers - Early Morning Shakes
A smoothed up southern rock sound is maybe not the best way to describe the sound of Whiskey Myers but I think it gets the point across. The real question is, why hasn't Whiskey Myers blown up like Blackberry Smoke yet?

2. Robert Ellis - The Lights From the Chemical Plant
The ups, the downs, great lyrics and a song questioning religion. Sturgill? Nope, but nice guess. Solid from start to finish and I'll be listening to this one for years to come.

1. Matt Woods - With Love From Brushy Mountain
I once saw a list where Matt Woods wasn't even number one on a list of the most talented singers named Matt Woods. I'm sure this will make him feel better not only from that but also from all the sad songs that put his latest release at the top of my list.... or is it the bottom. Guess it depends on which way you count.

by Jeremy Harris

*unedited, because Trailer is lazy

Apr 1, 2014

Best Albums of 2014 So Far: 1/4 Report

Subject to change, one of these hasn't been released yet, blah blah disclaimers...

1. Lydia Loveless - Somewhere Else

2. Drive-by Truckers - English Oceans

3. Jimbo Mathus - Dark Night of the Soul

4. St. Paul and the Broken Bones - Half the City

5. Beck - Morning Phase

6. Jason Eady - Daylight and Dark

7. Josh Nolan - Fair City Lights

8. Whiskey Myers - Early Morning Shakes

9. Red Eye Gravy - Dust Bowl Hangover

10. Chad Sullins and the Last Call Coalition - Wicked Spell

11. Jeff Whitehead - Bloodhound Heart

12. The Bigsbys - Good Will Suitcase

13. Lake Street Dive - Bad Self Portraits

14. Those Crosstown Rivals - Hell and Back

15. Hard Working Americans - s/t

16. Rosanne Cash - The River & The Thread

17. Mat D and the Profane Saints - Holyoke

18. Water Liars - s/t

19. Robert Ellis - The Lights From the Chemical Plant

20. Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings - Give the People What They Want

Feb 24, 2014

Concise Album Reviews: Eric Church, The Bigsbys, Whiskey Myers

Catchy roots rock via Texas by way of 90s alt-pop. What that means is that this is highly accessible and hookier than a tackle box. These songs would sound as natural playing on Texas radio between Reckless Kelly and Robert Earl Keen as on a rock station in 1997 between Matchbox 20 and Jewel. The writing is crisp and proves that just because a song is fun doesn't mean it has to be stupid. Music Row, take note. There are no bad songs in the bunch and there's even a cool Whiskeytown cover.

The Outsiders would make an excellent 5 song EP. I'll let you guess on the 5. Overreaching and pretentious in spots, right in the pocket on others. I'd call it a glorious mess if there was more glory and less mess. Pick your faves and download a few tracks.
C for the album (A for the middle finger aimed at Music Row convention)

Southern rock seems to be having quite a resurgence lately and Whiskey Myers' latest brings it good and strong with one boot planted in the Lone Star State. Good songwriting, expert playing. "Colloquy" is an early song of the year contender.


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