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Jul 9, 2020

Good Will Hunting Country Reaction Gifs

Trying to figure out how Sam Hunt is country

When your parents brought you up on bro-country and you need therapy
When your boy didn't graduate high school but he knows what real country music is

"I bet your wife wears Florida-Georgia Line t-shirts"

How you reply to that friend who listens to Dustin Lynch

When she sees his Waylon tattoo

If you've only listened to pop-country's version of sad songs

And a bonus...

Jul 2, 2020

WWE (& AEW) Country Reaction Gifs 42

When somebody says "Hey this new Dustin Lynch song is actually pretty good"

Damn, Carrie Underwood has gone way past keying trucks

When you still don't forgive your buddy for going to see Tyler Childers without you

What do you think of Luke Bryan's "One Margarita?"

How mad I get when I hear .03 seconds of mainstream country radio

Is this what Little Texas meant when they sang "You've got to kick a little?"

I miss live shows

When the FGL fan wears out their welcome in your home

Jun 25, 2020

The Breakfast Club Country Reaction Gifs

*foul language warning*

"You shouldn't talk bad about country singers you don't 
like. Just don't listen to them"

When somebody says you're racist for not liking Kane Brown 

If you're a pop singer who can't make it in pop
so you release your pop song to country radio with a token fiddle, you are a

When your local country station is that one mainstream station that put Tyler Childers on the playlist

When the detention teacher turns on the mainstream country station as if you're not already being punished

 When "Crazy Arms" comes on

Why did you hide your Scotty McCreery album collection from me?

When you get invited to a party at a Florida-Georgia Line fans house so you pretend to have COVID so you can't go

Jun 18, 2020

Twister Country Reaction Gifs

When you see somebody headed to the Kane Brown concert

Insert Gary Levox joke

The only thing running through a bro-country fan's head when they wake up hung over in a pasture

When the "country" station plays Sam Hunt

♫ ♬ We were sitting on the front porch
With the weather rolling in
Laughing louder than the big south wind ♫ ♬ 

"Hey check out the new John Baumann album"

When she admits she's a Thomas Rhett fan

The office where Luke Bryan cowrites songs is also know as

Jun 11, 2020

Bill & Ted Country Reaction Gifs

A big party during the pandemic where they're playing FGL?
Stop it.
A big party during the pandemic where they're playing Cody Jinks?

Luke Bryan's "One Margarita" is his biggest hit in years...

When you meet a fellow Tyler Childers fan

Mainstream country is "fixing racism" by adding a rapper to every remix?

When the local crackhead looks just like Ray Wylie Hubbard

Every country artist who doesn't actually want to address the specific problems going on in our nation be like:

When you pretended to like Kane Brown to ask a girl out but she still turned you down...

"No way, Sam Hunt is not a pop singer"

May 29, 2020

Talladega Nights Country Reaction Gifs

If you think I mean Sam Hunt when I say I love country music...

Roger Creager after a concert (back in the day)

♫ ♬ Well I grew up quick and I grew up mean ♫ ♬

Jason Isbell looking at the country album chart

A Hank 3 song that got cut from his last album

Thomas Rhett has a bro-country song for that

"Hey man, you wanna hear the new Florida-Georgia Line song?" 

I'm kinda excited about that new Mike & The Moonpies album 

Kane Brown fans when I meme their hero


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