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Apr 12, 2024

Mixed Music Action: Volume 3, No. 1

By Jeremy Pinnell & Kevin Broughton

This weekend features one of the greatest cards in UFC history, so what better time for the return of your favorite combat troubadour and his trusty scribe? Georgia Pinnell fans, there’s big news for you, too, so let’s dig right in.

What's up, partner? Been a good minute. We've got two major events coming up shortly, UFC 300, and the return of Jeremy Pinnell to the Peach State for the first time in three years. Which are you looking more forward to? I mean, pay-per-views come around every few weeks, but how pumped are you to hang with your partner-bro in journalisming? And do you know anybody who can get a boy on the guest list?

Kevin, I’m stoked for this Pay Per View. I wish I was gonna be home to watch it, but whatevs. Also, I am stoked to hang out and officially meet you in person. I feel like we’ve been going back and forth for over two years on whether or not you’re a government spy or some kind of plant, to expose the alt country music scene for what it really is? I’m guessing a little bit of both but I’m all in either way. Honestly, I’m just happy to be on the road. 

If your phone’s not getting blown up with money requests from the RFK Jr. campaign, it’s missing a great opportunity. This UFC card..."stacked" and "loaded" don't really seem to do it justice. Just to give the fans some perspective, we've got the No. 5 and No. 2 contenders going at it for the next shot at the 205 title; Calvin Kattar fighting the former bantamweight champ; and former women's welterweight champion Holly Holm facing an incoming judo beastess...on the preliminary card. How nuts is this lineup?

Dawg…even the early prelims are worth the pay per view buy in my opinion. This will be pure entertainment all night. 

I want to get to the main card in a second, but there's been a lot of buzz about the lady newcomer, Kayla Harrison. She won judo gold medals in the 2012 and 2016 Olympics, fighting at 172 pounds, and ran through the 155 division in PFL. Now she'll fight former women's champ Holly 135 pounds. 

Harrison is close to a -500 favorite in her UFC debut. But man, she's probably been not just cutting weight, but making major lifestyle and physiological changes. That's a big challenge, but if she gets to 135 the day before the fight, do you see bad things for the lovely Holly Holm?

I watched her sizzle reel, and she is an absolute animal but 135 lbs. is a huge cut from 175. I’m assuming Holly is 100% comfortable fighting at that weight? I’m a Holly fan but we’ll see.

See YouTube Short Izzy Couldn't Stop My Takedowns

Looking to the main card, man, what a spread! Let's start with former lightweight champ Charles Oliveira, whose only loss in about 10 years is to Islam Makhachev. He's the No. 1 contender for the belt, and he's an underdog to Arman Tsarukyan, who's number 4 in line. It says a lot about a packed 155 division, doesn't it? 

Honestly, I’m just excited to see Oliveira fight. He such a measured martial artist and his submission game is one of the best. Both their records kind of even out. Very exciting matchup. 

Dana White threw a fun one in for the fans: Justin Gaethje will put his BMF belt on the line against Max Holloway. This one ought to be fun; I think Justin's a healthy favorite for a reason, but Max is a tough out for anybody. What's your read on this one? 

I love the BMF belt! Justin is one of my favorite fighters but so is Max, and Max is only 31, and only getting better. He struggled with Volk, which really surprised me how much he took. That fight made you realize how good Volk really was. This matchup is just pure excitement and fun. Both of these guys are killers.

Turning to music, word on the streets you've been spinning a lot of Sierra Ferrell. Mixed Music Action Headquarters approves! In these days when a fella can't go 30 seconds without hearing about Taylor Swift or Beyonce, what do you like most about your fellow Appalachian artist?

Sierra seems like she’s just doing what she wants, and people are catching on. I love it when artists do what they want and people catch up. I had the opportunity to see her live last year, and she was amazing; blew everyone away. Her new record is so powerful; it takes you to a place, and that’s how you know it’s good: When you find yourself somewhere else.

It’s powerful.

Also, I told you I was listening to BigXThaplug and you paid no mind. [EDITOR’S NOTE: Sometimes you assume things were told you in confidence.] But in this serious time you need people enjoying life, and I’ve been going through his entire catalog. It may be the best hip hop going right now. I’m answering these questions in the tour van. You owe me a coffee. I appreciate ya, Kevin. 

Feb 16, 2023

Tommy Boy Country Reaction Gifs

Dan + Shay, if you're trying to make country music...

Name a lesser known Tim McGraw single

Introducing a Kane Brown fan to books

Every time I hear Sierra Ferrell, I think...

Maren Morris to country radio when her next record is pop

When Hardy sings without the benefit of pitch correction

When the radio got switched to The Highway (Sirius XM) while you were in the gas station

At least there ain't nothin' wrong with the radio

Spending $700 to see a guy with a mullet sing poorly about hometowns and whiskey glasses


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