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Jul 10, 2024

Rules of Engagement

 Idea inspired by Jason Knight, who is Chris' tour manager, and also brother I assume.

Jun 28, 2024

The Crud Report: July '24

 Yeah, it's a little early but the day I'd normally post this is next Friday - a day no one will be online (and also Farce's birthday).

Nov 16, 2023

The Fall of the House of Usher Country Reaction Gifs


 Fiddle of gold against your soul 


The third verse of "The Thunder Rolls"

"Warren Zeiders is nothing like Luke Bryan, you should like him"

Once you go snap beats

Miranda Lambert explaining why she's playing with Aldean and Kid Rock

Debating with a Morgan Wallen fan


 We been sniffin' that cocaine 


Maren Morris after reading the comments

When your favorite singer respects cops until they pull him over

When your friend gets drunk and starts doing Shania karaoke

Name a Roy Orbison song

"I'm serious, this new Aldean album is great"

Nov 15, 2023

Better Names for the Jason Aldean / Kid Rock Tour

 By Trailer and Jeremy

MABA: Make America Bro Again


Wallet Chains & Undie Stains

Rock the Smells

Make the N-Word Said Again Tour

The Junk Drawer Tour

Try That in a Stadium

Rock the Country Grammar

Divorced Dads Across America


We Rocking With Nelly Cuz He Rocking With Us



Gathering of the Parolees


2013 Foreverfest

Oh No Miranda What Is You Doin’?

Gathering of the Imbeciles

roQ the Country


Tribal Tats & Flatbill Caps

Lot Lizardpalooza

American Fatass Tour

Bros, Hoes, and Squaretoes

*Douchella already exists


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