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Nov 30, 2023

Wrasslin' Country Reaction Gifs #76

When somebody says George Jones
was the Kane Brown of the 70s
(yes someone said that on Facebook)

When your cousin's laughing about the time he accidentally broke your George Strait tape in 1996

When some dude keeps trying to get you to listen to Upchurch

Me reading the comments on a Garth Brooks meme devolve to name calling, manhood questioning, and misspellings. 

Some hipster folk singer who just dropped a single about minority representation in old cartoons

Morgan Wallen fan experiences first book

Still better than listening to that Elvis/Kane Brown song

When somebody requests "Wagon Wheel" for the 5th time

Does Farce the Music own a Jason Aldean CD?

When you bring your rockabilly girlfriend home for Thanksgiving

The next big thing in mainstream country, probably

Dolly is 77, she shouldn't dress lik...

Nov 9, 2023

Spongebob Country Reaction Gifs 3

What do you call it when somebody says Sam Hunt is a great country singer?

Kane Brown fans after nearly every awards show


 As you leave you'll see the nursery
Oh, she left me without mercy 


When you show some old timers what a Dan + Shay looks like

When somebody wearing a Luke Bryan shirt tries to start a conversation on the conveyer at the airport

Zach Bryan fans when he doesn't make any of my year-end lists*
*not exactly true; there are a couple of songs in consideration*

The old timey version of Farce the Music when country music added drums in the 30s

Yeah, I've been listening to Ruston Kelly nonstop, so what...

Spotify announcing new ways to keep small artists from making any money

Seeing Shooter Jennings' thoughts on that Aldean song

Waiting to hear a fiddle on country radio

When you're in Heaven for 5 minutes and it isn't much like Dixie

Oct 10, 2023

Overly Politically Correct Country Songs: Zach Bryan, George Jones, Tammy Wynette, etc.

The One I Loved Back Then (The Prius Song) - George Jones

I Always Get Consent From You - Merle Haggard

Try That in a Commune - Jason Aldean

Your Repressed CIS Woman’s Gonna Throw Off the Reins of Patriarchy - Tammy Wynette

Xir Name Is - George Jones

Life Ain’t Fair and Capitalism is Evil - Sturgill Simpson

Sold (The Grundy County Sex Trafficking Incident) - John Michael Montgomery

I Bear a Lot of Shame in What I Am - Merle Haggard

Ahab the Man of Middle Eastern Decent - Ray Stevens

Rolex® on a Rural White Southerner - Brantley Gilbert

Young CIS Males of Misplaced Belief - Zach Bryan

Free and Privileged (Down the Road I Go) - Dierks Bentley

Paint Me a Portland - Tracy Lawrence

Ruby I Understand You Have Needs I Can No Longer Fulfill - Kenny Rogers

The Happiest Colonizer - Donna Fargo

Which One O’ You Nice LGBTQ Members Cares to Give Me Fellatio? - Wheeler Walker Jr.

Voluntarily Unattached Caucasian CIS Woman - Chely Wright

Tofu Night at the Prairie Rose - Mike & The Moonpies

Impossible Burger in Paradise - Jimmy Buffett

My Fellow Wrongly Incarcerated Roommate Has Expressed Interest in a Relationship - Cledus T. Judd

Sep 14, 2023

Sanford and Son Country Reaction Gifs 3

If the truck was full of Kane Brown merch

When somebody played the dance remix of “I Like It, I Love It” in 1995

What bro-country sounds like to a boomer

How I sleep after pissing off Aldean fans again

My face when somebody’s online demeaning George Strait’s contributions to country music

He said “I wanna taste that powerful stuff”

When you walk in the party and they’re cranking Wallen

What do you call someone who pays $1k to see…anybody?

Koe Wetzel telling his grandkids stories one day

When you puff what Willie passes


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