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Oct 12, 2016

WWE Country Reaction Gifs 16: Chris Lane, Brantley Gilbert, Jamey Johnson, etc.

When you hear FGL's "pink umbrella" line

 Point to someone who looks like a Mumford & Sons fan

When you see an old friend but remember 
he's a Brantley Gilbert fan

Rethinking if you should've asked the barber 
for the Kenny Chesney look

Did Jamey Johnson really co-write 
"Honky Tonk Badonkadonk?"

What is Sam Hunt's greatest contribution to country music?

When your girl says y'all should go to the Chris Lane concert

What you'll see at a Luke Bryan concert

Jan 6, 2016

Country Singer/Professional Wrestler Equivalents

Florida-Georgia Line = New Age Outlaws
Douchey, popular due to hype more than talent, spray tans, wear underwear in public

Shooter Jennings = Spike Dudley
Scrappy, famous last name, under 5'8"

Carrie Underwood = Trish Stratus
Honest, talented, Vegan, ascended to the heights of her chosen profession, generally liked by all

Jamey Johnson = CM Punk
Outsider with insider ties, subversive, loved by the "smart" fans of his chosen profession, left the mainstream to pursue other options that seemingly will never come to fruition

Luke Bryan = John Cena
Seems like a nice guy, says dumb stuff in public, loved and hated in equal amounts, limited move set, A-lister approaching middle age, makes a living shaking ass

Brantley Gilbert = Buff Bagwell
Inexplicably popular, earrings, chains, facial hair, douchey, meathead

Chad Brock = Chad Brock
Wait, that's the same guy...


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