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Nov 8, 2023


Or I might just watch wrestling... more realistic.

Nov 22, 2022

Top 10 Things Dan + Shay Fans are Thankful For This Year

10. That Babs didn’t use too much seasoning on the boiled chicken at the supper party last night

9. That Dan + Shay didn’t play the CMA’s so they didn’t have to accidentally hear any twang, fiddles, or steel guitars this year

8. That vodka is the same color as water

7. That their neighbors who listened to rap music and grilled on the front porch moved out

6. 20% discounts at the loaded tea place because they forced their son to work there

5. That their name isn’t actually Karen, because that would be too on the nose

4. That both Dan and Shay are happily married; they were concerned they might be gay so they’d have to stop liking them

3. That Jerry got the Christmas bonus early so they can book their 29th Disney vacation for next year

2. That wooden decorative signs with cliches on them are 50% off at Hobby Lobby this week

1. That their husband agreed to stop listening to scary Cody Childers or Waylon Haggard music in the house after the threat of no nookie

Nov 11, 2021

Cry More, Morgan Wallen Fans

Morgan Wallen fans were big mad that Chris Stapleton's Starting Over won album of the year over Morgan at the CMA Awards last night. They cried and whined and called everybody liberals. While it’s probably true that the CMA voters weren’t willing to take the public relations hit of having Morgan Wallen win album of the year, Dangerous was not the best album in the category. For my money, that was Carly Pearce’s 29, with Stapleton coming in 2nd. Dangerous was slightly above mediocre in my book. Also, MW fans were under the assumption that the awards are based on sales. More does not equal better. Here’s a small sampling of the whinging going on.

Nov 13, 2020

Fight Club Country Reaction Gifs

 A bunch of pop stars sang at the CMA Awards?

My advice to all the fit, coiffed, boring pop-country dudes:

When you fall in love with somebody and then find out they're a Luke Bryan fan

Me watching the CMA Awards

Also the same rule for the good ole boys club in Nashville

When I catch myself enjoying a few seconds of a FGL song

Yeah, there was a Tim McGraw stage in there but I've changed

Oh, another song about worshipping a woman who has her feet up on the dash of your truck?


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