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Jan 30, 2024

Top 10 Things Taylor Swift Might’ve Been Saying in This Picture

10. It’s all going according to plan, ahahahahahahahaha! (evil villain laugh)

9. Can we leave so we can beat the traffic?

8. “Mean” wasn’t actually about Trigger at Saving Country Music

7. It’s all true. I’m only dating you to raise my visibility or your visibility, not sure which. But anyway, yeah… Carl wearing wraparound shades in his F-150 ranting on TikTok is 100% correct. Sorry. 

6. KC BBQ is better than Texas and beans go in chili

5. Reba is doing the national anthem for the Super Bowl and not me?? What exactly am I dating you for?

4. Don’t tell anybody but I think that Ben Shapiro rap song kind of slaps

3. Brittany wants to go out for flaming shots at Poets after this, you in?

2. You really blew that play in the 3rd quarter; you were supposed to pick up the blitz you little bitch.


Nov 1, 2023

Top 10 Ways to Know a Country Album Sucks Without Listening to It

10. It’s a solo album from either Florida or Georgia Line

9. The producer has as many songwriter credits as the singer

8. It comes in a box set you have to buy from Bass Pro Shop
(Kidding, it may be good but I’ll never know)

7. The deluxe version came out a month after the regular version

6. Dudes who say “facts” and “bruh” a lot enjoy it

5. The artist’s surname is Lynch, and their first name is Dustin

4. The promotional content mentioned them “experimenting with electro-pop and EDM”

3. If the artist is Shania Twain, and the year of release is post 2000

2. (Featuring Diplo)

1. There are enough songwriters listed to field a Division II college football team

May 23, 2023

Top 10 Ways to Be the “Next Big Thing” in Country/Americana

By Jeremy Harris and Trailer


10. Stop showering

9. Sound like Morgan Wallen

8. Have a throaty growl that sounds like you’re getting over a sinus infection

7. Get nominated for a Best New Artist award 7 years into your career

6. Only drink beer brewed within 20 miles of your home county 

5. Mention Ohio in your song but live 1 state south of there

4. Sound like Tyler Childers

3. Get a shout-out from Jay Potta

2. Grow a mustache that suggests you lost a bet

1. Sound like Zach Bryan

Bonus from Country Universe:

Be rumored to be dating Morgan Wallen

Apr 26, 2023

Top 10 Questions People Ask Morgan Wallen Fans

By Jeremy and Trailer

10. Do you know why I pulled you over?

9. Is it necessary to duct tape over the Bud Light logo on the can?

8. Can you explain this 6 year employment gap?

7. Sir, did you pay for that?

6. I know you spent $1,200 on Wallen tickets but could you please pay your rent this week?

5. Could you please leave, ma'am? This is a library… with books. Morgan went to The Library, a bar.

4. Do you understand the rights I have just read to you?

3. How do you feel about Morgan Wallen’s best song being written by a liberal?

2. Do you know about… other music?

1. Could you go pee in this cup?

Jan 25, 2023

Top 10 Ways to Become an Americana Singer


10. Have a moderately popular rock, hardcore, or punk band in your 20s then turn 30

09. Move to East Nashville; stop bathing

08. Stand in front of mirror and say “I ain’t no part of nothin’”

07. Quit heroin

06. Be the offspring of a country music or folk legend

05. Be born named Colt, Colter, Cody, or Zach

04. Drink the water in Kentucky, apparently

03. Be either a hater of all political views or an outspoken lefty, there is no in-between

02. Be a Townes Van Zandt fan who majored in poetry and knows how to play a few chords; get fired from your job at one of the following: train depot / co-op / ranch / hardware store / horse farm.

01. Get face and/or neck and/or knuckle tattoos

Dec 21, 2022

Top 10 Things Morgan Wallen Fans Want for Christmas

 By Jeremy Harris and Trailer


10. Dismissal of their public intoxication charges

9. Joy (Joy is their third cousin, not “a feeling of great happiness”)

8. Mullet grooming kit

7. A “white” Christmas

6. Some extra Sudafed for their “sinus” issues

5. To graduate with the rest of their buddies on the bass fishing team

4. LED lights for the bumper, the mirrors, the roof, the wheel wells, everywhere… so the front of their truck can burn with the light of a million suns and blind oncoming traffic three counties away

3. For the front-squatted truck to become the new fad

2. Jason Isbell to write another heartfelt song they’ll never hear him sing live

1. A black friend, so they can say they have a black friend

Nov 22, 2022

Top 10 Things Dan + Shay Fans are Thankful For This Year

10. That Babs didn’t use too much seasoning on the boiled chicken at the supper party last night

9. That Dan + Shay didn’t play the CMA’s so they didn’t have to accidentally hear any twang, fiddles, or steel guitars this year

8. That vodka is the same color as water

7. That their neighbors who listened to rap music and grilled on the front porch moved out

6. 20% discounts at the loaded tea place because they forced their son to work there

5. That their name isn’t actually Karen, because that would be too on the nose

4. That both Dan and Shay are happily married; they were concerned they might be gay so they’d have to stop liking them

3. That Jerry got the Christmas bonus early so they can book their 29th Disney vacation for next year

2. That wooden decorative signs with cliches on them are 50% off at Hobby Lobby this week

1. That their husband agreed to stop listening to scary Cody Childers or Waylon Haggard music in the house after the threat of no nookie

Aug 17, 2022

Top 10 Things You Might See at a Five Finger Death Punch / Brantley Gilbert Concert

Five Finger Death Punch and Brantley Gilbert are going on tour. 

For real. Here are the top ten things you might see if you went.

10. Everybody mad dogging each other instead of watching the show

9. Many neckbeards, but few necks

8. Nobody singing along because somebody might call them gay for singing

7. Punisher tattoos

6. Roid gut

5. A camel clutch wrestling hold executed to perfection

4. 7 women, all working at concession stands

3. Really aggressive t-shirts with way too many words on them

2. Hundreds, maybe thousands, of fists bruised from punching walls

1. People in the 1% of worst music taste in America

Bonus thing: Several heartwarming reunions of cops and the people they arrested

Jun 21, 2022

Top 10 Ways Hick-Hop Fans Are Saving Money During This Inflation


10. Citrus Drop instead of Mountain Dew for the baby’s bottle

9. Generic illegal prescription pills

8. Only going mudding four times a month

7. Turning their underwear inside out after a couple days for a few more days of wear

6. Building up tolerance to taste of unleaded so they can syphon more

5. Making their own t-shirts at home

4. Stealing mufflers AND catalytic converters

3. Just letting the herpes fester; it ain’t going away anyway

2. Cutting their meth with 10% more baking soda
(it’s good for your teeth!)

1. Leaving Cousin Grandpa in jail this time instead of bailing him out

Jan 5, 2022

Top 10 New Year's Resolutions for Koe Wetzel Fans

Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for Koe Wetzel Fans


10. Get serious for their 9th year of community college

9. Complete the full collection of Pit Vipers

8. Get a tattoo to cover up that seemingly permanent groin rash

7. Get LED bars put on both jet skis

6. Continue boycotting those motherf***king b***hes at the p***y ass Great Texas Balloon Race

5. Not wear wife beater to the job interview next time

4. See the doctor about this dark yellow pee

3. Not get anybody pregnant at LTJ fest this year

2. Wrestlemania. Jerry World. Both nights.

1. Jack Daniels, Taco Bell, Hangover + raging shits, Repeat


~By Trailer with some input from someone who could dance that slow Uvalde shuffle


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