Jan 30, 2024

Top 10 Things Taylor Swift Might’ve Been Saying in This Picture

10. It’s all going according to plan, ahahahahahahahaha! (evil villain laugh)

9. Can we leave so we can beat the traffic?

8. “Mean” wasn’t actually about Trigger at Saving Country Music

7. It’s all true. I’m only dating you to raise my visibility or your visibility, not sure which. But anyway, yeah… Carl wearing wraparound shades in his F-150 ranting on TikTok is 100% correct. Sorry. 

6. KC BBQ is better than Texas and beans go in chili

5. Reba is doing the national anthem for the Super Bowl and not me?? What exactly am I dating you for?

4. Don’t tell anybody but I think that Ben Shapiro rap song kind of slaps

3. Brittany wants to go out for flaming shots at Poets after this, you in?

2. You really blew that play in the 3rd quarter; you were supposed to pick up the blitz you little bitch.


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