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Jun 4, 2019

John Rich Singing “Shut Up About Politics” is Like:

John Rich, who's more famous for being politically provocative over the last few years than writing or performing songs, has a new song out called "Shut Up About Politics." Well, that's pretty much like....


Florida-Georgia Line calling out people who use auto-tune

Shooter Jennings making fun of short people

Kane Brown covering “Murder on Music Row”

Miranda Lambert coming out against violent lyrics

Dustin Lynch calling someone a sellout

Dustin Lynch having a clothing line called “Stay Country”

Chris Brown wearing a “Mean People Suck” t-shirt

Tracy Lawrence talking sh** about Chris Brown

Luke Bryan saying somebody should act their age

David Allan Coe complaining about a sub-par concert

The Bellamy Brothers being against mixing country and rap

A Beyonce fan calling someone obsessed

Jamey Johnson saying Chris Knight waits too long between album releases

Hank 3 telling someone to watch their mouth

Tim McGraw saying someone has a stupid looking hat

Mitchell Tenpenny calling Old Dominion creepy

Old Dominion calling Mitchell Tenpenny creepy

Zac Brown saying any song is embarrassing

May 23, 2019

Shrek Country Reaction Gifs

After I listen to "Whiskey Lullabye"

How to get a major label record deal in Nashville

How to keep a major label record deal in Nashville

When somebody makes you listen to the new Thomas Rhett song

Is Luke Combs pretty good? Is he the the savior of country music?

Hank 3 thinks this is a country song

When the shrooms hit at the Infamous Stringdusters concert

"Go listen to Mitchell Tenpenny with the rest of your Mitchell Tenpenny fan friends"

Nov 9, 2018

FGL is Clickbait Country

Hank 3's New Monday Night Football Theme Deemed Inappropriate

by Trailer - Originally posted on Country California, Tuesday, January 19, 2010 

ESPN and NFL officials are beginning to regret asking Hank Williams III to pen and perform a new theme song for the stalwart Monday Night Football franchise. After deeming his first attempt "vulgar," "loud," "inappropriate" and "out of tune," MNF producers have asked Williams for a rewrite. 

"For the 2010-11 season, we wanted to reach a younger audience with a more rocking and contemporary theme song. Who better than the son of Bocephus, whose song 'Are You Ready for Some Football?' we've used for years?" asked MNF's Jay Rothman. "The song Shelton turned in certainly brought the rock and, for the most part, a more current sound, but was not at all right for our product." 

The first demo of Hank's "Monday Night M***********g Football" includes 21 profanities, 3 drug references, one line taken verbatim from the Satanic bible, and some disturbingly violent imagery. It starts out as a straight country song, reminiscent of something Williams' legendary grandfather might have done, before plowing headlong into a rambling punk/thrash metal amalgam complete with Cookie Monster vocals. 

"We did some editing on the track to see if there was anything usable," said Rothman, "and we did glean 20 seconds without cursing, but it was a verse about drinking whiskey and shooting the television with an ol' shotgun if your team loses. We just can't put that message out there." 

Hank has promised to tame it down, but is unrepentant about the first cut. "I just wanted to kick their ass man," said III. "Sh*t, the people want their teeth knocked down their throats with some hellbilly music before they watch their team beat the g*****n m***********g sh*t out of those other b*tches!" 

If Williams is unable to rewrite the song to the producers' satisfaction, the backup plan is to move forward with a Timbaland remix of Hank II's well-known theme, featuring T-Pain. 

Oct 31, 2018

Horror Movie Country Reaction Gifs

When you go over to your friend's to get your Waylon albums back and they aren't home

When your kid says they might go to a Kane Brown concert

Looking at the country chart like...

Stoppin' every hundred miles
Callin' Baton Rouge

The chorus of some lost Hank 3 song

You'd rather stay home and play video games than see a concert?

When will another Chris Knight album ever come out?

Is it okay to have a favorite Sam Hunt song?

Mar 16, 2017

Anchorman Country Reaction Gifs

Luke Bryan sucks

Describe Hank III's metal music in two words

Garth Brooks is better than George Strait

 Did you really mean it when you said you think you're better 
than people who listen to Florida-Georgia Line?

When your whole crew scores tickets to Stapleton

When you agree to listen to a country DJ's 
Soundcloud page, because it's different...

...Listen to Shinyribs!

When the person eating lunch with you says 
"It's just music. Why do you get so serious?"

Dec 7, 2016

Save Mike IX

By Robert Dean

The older we get, the more we realize we’re not as invincible as we once envisioned ourselves. Things break, we suffer afflictions, addictions, and watch our friends die. Life can be a total asshole. But, in those moments of “what the fuck, world?” there are the times of solace, enlightening, awakening and love. It’s just the human experience: the roller coaster goes up, and it goes down, we’re all lucky to remain seated on the ride, and should never take for granted, as such. 

 A fervent mixture of all of the aforementioned feelings rests on the shoulders of one toxic cowboy, one lifer whose legacy looms large, and without him, the New Orleans musical landscape would be very different. That man is Mike Williams from Eyehategod.

If you haven’t heard, Mike IX as he’s affectionately called needs your help. He’s in a bad way. He needs a liver transplant, and the medical bills are piling. His wife has started a YouCaring account, and it’d be amazing if you could donate a few bucks to the cause. Because let’s be real, without EHG there is no DOWN, Phil Anselmo is an entirely different person, and the sludge from the swamps we know and love wouldn’t exist. The New Orleans signature grimace comes from two people: Jimmy Bower and Mike IX and without their celestial magic, who knows where heavy metal would be.

Anyone who knows my work knows I call New Orleans home, despite currently living in Austin, Texas. The New Orleans music community is tiny, and the metal community is microscopic. You go to enough shows with dudes screaming; you’re liable to run into the same faces over the years. It’s in that that I’ve been fortunate to have met Mike on more than one occasion and he’s always been nothing but grateful for the adoration. Mike Williams is a strange, fucked up bird, but he doesn’t deserve a cage, he deserves a long life and the chance to frighten the world on a nightly basis for years to come. Give a few bucks, or at least share the link as much as you can.

Mike is also in Arson Anthem with Hank 3.

May 5, 2015

Carl Outlaw, Real Country Fan, Reviews ZBB "Loving You Easy"

Zac Brown sucks. If he was playing in my neighbor's yard, I'd call the cops and say they're was some sort of unauthorized "men who love farm animals" protest rally going on and that they were disturbing the peace with there bullshit and to especially taser the fat, bald guy wearing a ski hat in May. WTF. You know when theirs 14 guys in a band, theyre over-compensating for something. I've never even listened too one single note this "band" played. There not even talented enough to shine Hank 3's balls.

This song is probably terrible. I'm not going to soil my ears by wasting one second on this 'pop cuntry' garbage. If theyre's more than 4 people in a band and 2 of those aren't steel guitarists, I don't want to here that crap. This nugget is called "Loving You Easy," and that's enough for you to know that Johnny Paycheck wouldn't have warbled a note of it. He didn't love dem hoes, lol. If you're out their making songs for teenage girls, than you should at least be man enough to admit your just in it for the money. I heard Zac is making dance music now too. Next he'll be shaking his booty like Fluke Bryan.

Don't insult are good taste with this crap, Trailer. Don't make me review stuff like this when thare's so many good real-ass country bands out there that need a little help getting noticed. Take this new band from North Carolina, Buck Snort and the Stump-jumpers, for instance. They have a fiddle player, 3 steel guitarists, a jug blower, a washboard strummer, and a singer who makes Sturgill Simpson sound like a Nashvile sparkly-pants wearing pretty boy. Let Zac Brown's fat ass feed his own self. Don't buy this song, anybody. Keep it country!


Zac Brown Band - Loving You Easy
(listen to song here)


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