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May 6, 2021

Deliverance Country Reaction Gifs

*1 violent scene but not the one you think*

Radio station exec meeting with a new female country singer

When he says "listen to my Kane Brown record collection or die" and you have to consider it

I'm drowning in a whiskey river

Anyway, here's "Wonderwall"

So rock me mama like a wagon wheel

Ned is country radio. The hillbillies are bro-country.
(you know what's next)

Follow your arrow wherever it leads

Feb 23, 2021

Country Muppet Show Disclaimers

As you may or may not have heard, Disney+ is leading some episodes of The Muppet Show with disclaimers if the subject matter is deemed offensive to cultural sensitivities. These disclaimers before episodes with country singer guests seem a bit odd though.

Stolen Memes: Willie, Hank, Bluegrass, Ryan Bingham, etc.

(Posted by Galleywinter - don't know who made it)

From Vinyl Ranch

From Bluegrass Memes

Jan 13, 2021

A Few New Country Doppelgangers

Always thought Buck Owens and Bob Denver of 
Gilligan's Island fame resembled each other

Marty Robbins and Mario

90s country singer David Kersh and uh, Butthead.

Natalie Maines and, also, Butthead

Sorry Willie...


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