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Feb 12, 2020

May 16, 2019

Why 1989 Was Better Than 2019

Country mullet 1989

Country mullet 2019

Kane 1989

Kane 2019

Fad 1989

Fad 2019

Social media 1989

Social media 2019

Keith Urban 1989

Keith Urban 2019

Country duo 1989

"Country" duo 2019

Lifted truck 1989

Lifted truck 2019

2Pac 1989

2Pac 2019

May 17, 2018

Country Doppelgängers: Evan Felker, Clint Black, Koe Wetzel, etc.

 Roy Rogers looked like Clint Black's dad

 Turnpike Troubadour Evan Felker
and actor/Jackass Johnny Knoxville

 Jordan Davis is a less cool 
Opie of Sons of Anarchy (Ryan Hurst)

 Kyle Park and "yodel boy" Mason Ramsey

Parker McCollum and Backstreet Boy, Nick Carter

Koe Wetzel is Mark Henry without the melanin and muscles

Lee Greenwood looks like man

Aug 31, 2017

Spinal Tap: Country Reaction Gifs

Probably the only way country radio gets better at this point

Luke Bryan's dad?

Wheeler Walker Jr.: Genius or idiot?

Americana's not the only way to blend rock and country...

When you hear Luke Bryan's new song

 If Clint Black put out a song called "Black" on an album 
called Black with a black cover on Black Friday...

How the folk band lost its ukelele player

The proper way to listen to new Turnpike Troubadours music

Jul 27, 2017

Anchorman: Country Reaction Gifs 2

When you hear the number 1 country song

Alex Trabek: "A respected country singer who once went pre bro-country with the song "Summer's Comin'."
You: "Who is Clint...

Country radio program directors' meeting

When you insult a rockabilly band...

Chris Stapleton's not playing your city.

What do you think of the Bobby Bones Show?

Tyler Childers' new album comes out next week!

When you say you haven't heard "Body Like a Back Road"
and somebody plays it for you...


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