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May 2, 2019

Chris Farley Country Reaction Gifs

♫ Don't it make you wanna dance? 

When somebody says Whitey Morgan is overrated and you have a 2x4 in your hand

"Trap beats are the future of country music"

Chris Farley being an Americana songwriter's muse

When the kids on your bus keep singing "Old Town Road"

Did you hear Chris Knight will have a new album this fall?

When Lynyrd Skynrd's farewell tour is over...

When the radio station plays Cody Johnson... then follows it up with Thomas Rhett

Aug 2, 2018

Step Brothers Country Reaction Gifs

*some foul language*

When a coworker you thought was a jerk says he's into Tyler Childers and Whitey Morgan

When somebody's Brantley Gilbert ringtone goes off

When the room smells like Kane Brown fan

New Amanda Shires & Lucero albums Friday??

When you have a flashback to your mom taking you to a Rascal Flatts concert when you were little

When somebody's in your face saying Cody Jinks sucks

Brad Rice, probably...

Some dude from Billboard said "Meant to Be" is a country song

Nov 30, 2016

Bad Santa Country Reaction Gifs

I didn't know this Santa gig was for 
the mainstream country radio station...

When somebody says they hate country music except Sam Hunt

Driving by somebody playing Thomas Rhett like....

I wish they'd play Whitey Morgan on country radio...

The way you look at somebody who says 
they stood in line for Luke Bryan tickets

How Cole Swindell fans flirt


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