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Oct 12, 2023

Garth Brooks Country Reaction Gifs

When your team gets smoked by South Alabama but you're trying to be positive

Are you serious when you say you'd prefer a minor injury over attending a Kane Brown concert?

When there are so many bodies, you can't remember where they all are

McDonalds is bringing back the McRib!

And you can get 10 free McNuggets with your first app order!

May the Lord strike me down if I ruined country music

When you're country, but they throw on some Bruno Mars

When a second person in 2 weeks says Oliver Anthony's song is better than anything Isbell ever wrote

When the fiddle player hasn't taken a shower in a week

Country music is just farm emo

When Garth takes his song "Mr. Blue" a little too seriously

How can you make Trisha Yearwood laugh for an hour with only 9 words?

Oct 13, 2021

A Visual Interview With Garth Brooks

I hear that back in your early days, you missed a couple of shows. Was that your fault or were you hanging out with bad influences?

Remember when Sam Hunt covered your song “What She’s Doing Now?” What did it take for you to get through a listen of that?

Do you ever pull a Scrooge McDuck and go swimming in piles of money?

Despite the pandemic, you’ve still been able to put on a few shows in the last 18 months. Do you still enjoy getting out there and performing for the people?

Despite the pandemic, you’ve been able to increase your net worth by around $35 million in the last 18 months. Do you still enjoy making money?

How do you feel when people say you ruined country music?

How many bodies are there Garth? Don’t think we’re stupid.


You were kidding earlier about crying when people say you ruined country music right? You don’t really give a shit, correct?

Okay, so who really ruined country music?

Thanks Garth! Now, how many bodies does that guy have buried?


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