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Aug 18, 2020

An Honest Visual Interview with Sam Hunt

Thanks for talking with us Sam. First of all, could you point to another Sam who's more country than you?

And who's another non-country singer who's still more country than you?

What's your advice to people who say that genre distinctions don't matter but still call you country?

And what should be done to your entire discography?

Most country stars say they're inspired by Strait or Dolly or Waylon or somebody like that. Who's your inspiration?

Were you better at football than you are at selling pop music as country music?

And finally, what state of mind would someone have to be in to think they truly understand the history of country music and yet still believe you're country?

Sep 10, 2019

A Visual Interview With Kane Brown

What face do most old-school country fans make when they hear your music?

Describe your musical approach.

Where does most of the worst mainstream country music come from?

How many times a day do you get mad about something Farce the Music tweets?

Your album Experiment has been out 10 months now. 
How do people seem to feel about it?

You've always been a country singer, right? 

 If somebody really wants to hear some good actual country music,
who should they listen to?

Name another country artist who inspires you.

And finally, describe your vocal style in the best way you know how.

Mar 16, 2018

Bobby Bones: A Visual Interview

Alrighty, Mr. Bones:
How exactly did you get a job as a country dj/host?

If you could have a beer with any person, dead or alive, who would it be?

How many actual country songs can you name off the top of your head?

How do your tolerate your own bullshit?

On a scale of 1 to 10, how valuable are you to the country music industry?

Who do you most look up to in the industry?

What do you do to people who say you shouldn't play pop and hip-hop on a country morning show?

How do you live with yourself?

And finally...
What would you say your demographic is?

Aug 16, 2016

Florida-Georgia Line: A Visual Interview

First of all guys, tell us the last book you read.

 How do you two even tolerate your own music?

If not for auto-tune, would you be selling fake Ray-Bans 
and knock-off Yetis on Myrtle Beach right about now?

 You've done an appearance or two with World Wrestling Entertainment. Which one is more fake, WWE or FGL?
If you could pick any country legend to record 
a duet with, who would it be?

Do you know anybody sleazier than the two of you?

And finally, is the short haired guy pretty much useless?

Apr 12, 2016

Luke Bryan: A Visual Interview

Welcome, Luke. Thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions with us.

First of all: who is your greatest country influence?

 Besides Sam Hunt and Florida-Georgia Line, who do you think 
is screwing up country music the most these days?

So, where have all the greatest country singers gone?

In one image, sum up your appeal.

Your jeans are very tight. What do you wear under those to stay comfortable?

You get a lot of backlash online. Has anyone ever really hurt your feelings?

So what do you have to do for traditional country fans to take notice of you?

Just for fun, take a picture of the two dumbest people you know.

Okay, finally, please show us your greatest talent.

Thanks Luke, that was very enlightening!


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