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Apr 11, 2024

Scarface Country Reaction Gifs

When a local DJ announces Justin Moore to the stage

When they play you their favorite country song but it sounds like Three Doors Down with more twang

When Tommy left the bar room, not a Gatlin boy was standing

When you've never made it to the end of Johnny Cash's "Cocaine Blues"

If Jason Aldean fans call it hipster-country, then probably...

Johnny Paycheck, that fateful day

 Play Cherokee fiddle, he'd play it for the whiskey 

The proper reply to every bro-country pickup line

When you tell her the 'country' she's listening to is just southern pop sung by pretty boys

When you lay into ‘em with that Kentucky Thunder 

When your boy is about to hurl a chair off Eric Church's bar at some cops

Jun 10, 2021

Dallas Country Reaction Gifs

When your wife starts getting into Dan + Shay

Vivian to Johnny circa 1955

After somebody dares me to listen to Walker Hayes’ new EP

When real country music returns and we find out this has all been a bad dream

When he tries a Chase Rice pick-up line on you

Some of y’all just like Morgan Wallen because liberals don’t, but that’s none of my business

When somebody plays some Johnny Lee

When somebody talks to me while I’m listening to Turnpike

May 18, 2018

90s Country Star Comes to the Defense of Modern Country

Amid a steady barrage of elder country singers' complaints about the authenticity of modern country music, 90s star Brad Lee Peterson has come to its defense. 

"Johnny Lee and Travis Tritt and all these other old dudes are just salty and washed" said Peterson. "Man, I like to get crunk to some Sam Hunt and Kane Brown, my dudes. Go drink some Ensure and let the rest of us enjoy how country music has evolved, bro." 

Peterson, the singer of such 1990s favorites as "Hilfiger Cowboy" and "She Don't Blow Up My Pager Anymore" says he understands where the discord comes from, but that country music is in good hands with such artists as Bebe Rexha and Jordan Davis. 

"All this shade throwing comes from a place of jealousy. Jealousy that they aren't getting the airplay anymore." Peterson laughed. "Look in the mirror son, y'all ain't poppin' anymore - old get off my lawn head ass crackers."

"Luke Bryan is really where things started getting better and Florida-Georgia Line just got it lit to another level!" smiled Peterson. "Country music is whatever country radio tells us we should love - they know what they're doing. They knew when they made (Peterson's only #1) "Party Up in My Lowered Truck" a smash hit in '93 and they know now." 

The debate between country traditionalists and progressives has hit several peaks in recent years. Bro-country was extremely divisive and the current trend of R&B flavored music on country radio has raised the ire still higher. Peterson, for his part, thinks it's all overblown: "It goes in cycles - it'll come back around to more classic-sounding country like Rascal Flatts or Shania Twain - then it'll jump out of the box again and do something like mumble-country… but the wheel always turns." 

At press time, Brad Lee Peterson was preparing to release his comeback single "Hashtag Fire (ft. Post Malone)."

Aug 25, 2017

Eddie Murphy Country Reaction Gifs

At the Amanda Shires show

My review of Kelsea Ballerini's "Legends"

When somebody lumps you (country fan) in with
Sam Hunt and Luke Bryan fans.
Fun fact: That's Giancarlo Esposito, Gus from Breaking Bad, in the back.

Looks like that "country radio always swings
back toward traditional music" saying is a lie.

When you get dragged to a Keith Urban concert 
and Keith mentions Jason Isbell and you're
the only one who knows who that is...

Listening to that new Luke Bryan song like...

What's the only Johnny Lee song most people can name?

Mar 8, 2017

Saturday Night Live Country Reaction Gifs

Country purists would have you believe 
no good country music was created after

Oh, you're going to see Kyle Park?

 When somebody whose musical taste you respect says 
the Moonshine Bandits are a guilty pleasure

Does Luke Bryan suck?

Even more of this couldn't help Florida-Georgia Line

And then what happened to the Knoxville girl?

 A truly underrated country song

 If Trebek doesn't like Chris Knight...


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