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Apr 3, 2019

Greatest Wrestling Promos Country Memes

It's Wrestlemania week, so of course, we have to have some pro-wrestling related content. Here are a few new memes based on 5 of the greatest wrestling promos of all time. 

Dec 20, 2018

A Christmas Story: Country Reaction Gifs

What Santa should do if a kid asks for Kane Brown concert tickets

The Gatlin boys just laughed at him when he walked into the barroom

When Tommy left the barroom, not a Gatlin boy was standing

I wouldn't shoot without a cause
I'd gun nobody down
But she cried again as he rode away
Don't take your guns to town son

When your dad throws out your Wheeler Walker Jr. albums because he says Wheeler's a bad influence

Still better than listening to a Mitchell Tenpenny song

When your brother says you look stupid, but he's the one wearing a Florida-Georgia Line t-shirt

Cause I'm the _________ that named you Sue

Nov 9, 2018

Dolly Parton Country Reaction Gifs

When somebody says they don't like Dolly Parton

When you take a bunch of LSD before the Dolly concert

Farce the Music be like...

When he just drops by to see what condition your condition is in

Do you wanna hear the new Kane Brown album? 

Who's about damn ready for a new Chris Knight album?

Can I turn off this mainstream country station and play some Cody Jinks?

If you don't like hearing me talk shit about Florida-Georgia Line...

Apr 27, 2018

Bebe Rexha: Pioneer

And if you wanna talk pop artists doing crossover country songs, 
we'll need another meme about 10 times bigger than this one.

Sep 30, 2015

Little Known Facts: September 2015

Kenny Rogers recently announced his retirement from singing, 
five years after the last time he moved his mouth. 

A 2012 FCC ruling requires all FM stations that broadcast mostly traditional sounding 
country music be placed on a frequency that ends in an even number.

Paparazzi recently caught Jason Aldean in a public restroom 
with his jeans pulled down, attempting to unwad his panties.

In 2014 Gary Levox donated his belly button lint to Eskimos in upper 
Alaska to make new clothes for the village's children.

When classmates at the 10-year high school reunion would ask hick-hop artist Lenny Cooper 
what he does for a living, he'd tell them "foot fetish porn actor" to avoid embarrassment. 

When classmates at the 10-year high school reunion asked Bucky Covington what he does for a living,
he said "I sing with my cover band at high school reunions like this; I didn't actually graduate."

Tyler Hubbard's favorite instrument is GarageBand on a MacBook Air. 

Luke Bryan was late for his newest music video shoot consisting of pretty girls in lifted trucks
due to his Volkswagen having a flat tire on the way to pick up his skinny jeans from the tailor. 

Ryan Adams made his choice of which album to cover by drawing a name from a hat. 
Besides Taylor's 1989, the other options were Chad Brock's Yes!
2 Live Crew's Back at Your Ass for the Nine-4, and Trixter 's self-titled debut.

Taylor Swift was so excited when someone told her Ryan Adams 
was covering her album, she Googled his name immediately.

Sam Hunt is so tired of people asking why he considers himself country, 
he's just had t-shirts with "$$$" printed on them to point at during interviews.

If Jason Isbell got a free beer for every time somebody asked about 
his sobriety in an interview, he could… wait, that's just not appropriate.

Shooter Jennings' next release will be a folk album about hard times in the digital era 
entitled Hey Brother, Can You Spare a Bitcoin?

If you stare into a mirror and yell "Yee Yee" three times, 
a drunk skank with a 'Merica tube top will appear and give you a handy.

Thomas Rhett recently had keyless entry installed in his home because he can never find the key. 

A Trailer & Jeremy Harris Collaborative Effort


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