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Jul 20, 2023

Bill Burr Country Reaction Gifs

Country radio station program directors:

Care to read my think piece either for or against Jason Aldean's single "Try That in a Small Town?"

The day I found out Turnpike was getting back together

Even your favorite beer tastes bad if the bar's playing pop country

When Luke Bryan says his songs aren't very deep

When somebody finds the 2 Aldean albums when going through the dusty CD tower in my closet

Me: I only listen to Ruston Kelly over and over because of his voice and skillful songwriting

Every time I post a Morgan Wallen meme on Facebook and come back to read the comments

What should I write this country Christmas song about?

Me watching the country music culture war rage on

When Aunt Lilly goes to the balloon festival Koe Wetzel concert without looking him up first

Dan + Shay fans be like

Mar 31, 2022

Breaking Bad Country Reaction Gifs 2

When a country fan asks for a good hard rock recommendation

Mama says the pistol is the devil's right hand

Bands and singers seeing their Spotify royalties

Chris Knight songs are about work, bad families, 

When you go to a country concert and they have a DJ

When you crank the rental car and "Fancy Like" is blasting

Country music evolved into 2019 pop music?

Somebody suggested I listen to the new Brantley song

When you see Dan + Shay on your friend's playlist

Eric Church fans after he cancelled a show for basketball


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