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Jan 5, 2018

Hee Haw Country Reaction Gifs

When country radio gives you
gloom, despair, and agony

When you pretend a Kane Brown fan told a good joke
so you can get out of the conversation

Hey Buck! Point to a couple of legends.

Kentucky, you're putting out some great country music!

When you try to trick the boys into believing
you've decided Sam Hunt is actually pretty good

Are you excited about the new Wade Bowen album?

George: "I co-wrote a new song that's way
too good for country radio to play."

Jun 19, 2012

You're Not a Real Country Singer 2

if you have to tell me how country you are -Andrew Lacy

if your jeans are tighter than Eugene Krabs' wallet.

if you wear Axe Body Spray -Cameron Gott

if you are Jason Aldean -Ian Donnelly

if most of your songs are really hard to play on Guitar Hero.

if you wear $400 designer jeans with designs and flaps on the back pockets -Blake Olson

if you use Autotune -Michael Wren

if you've never toured in a van.

if you cover Hinder -Cameron Gott

if you used to look like this:

But now look like this:

...if you don't have a song about murder - @CashFan90

if you wear Affliction, but haven't had any afflictions

if you don't know the lyrics of "Heartaches by the Number" -@TheBenimal

if one of yours songs has been used as a UFC entrance theme.

if you feel a constant need to tell people you're an outlaw -@10lbhammerbp

if you only cover rap and pop songs in concert.

if the only barbed wire that's ever touched your skin is embedded on your bicep.


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