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Sep 17, 2020

ACMs 2020: (Semi) Snarky Twitter Wrap-Up

The ACM Awards were obviously a more serious and somber affair this year, so the hatin' wasn't as prevalent. That said, here are a few bits of insight and humor from last night's show.

Feb 20, 2020

Better Names for Luke Bryan's New Beer

Luke Bryan has a beer coming out, because all pop-country artists must put their name on an alcoholic beverage now or else. It’s called Two Lane American Golden Lager, but we came up with some more fitting names. Thanks to Twitter pals for the help!

Nut Hugger Pecan Ale

They Stay the Same Age IPA

Money Maker Shaker @jm_ferguson

Baby Girl Darlin’ Honey Lager

Hip Thrust Tripel

Heinishaken @jchwv11

Midlife Weisses

Goober Gose

Lukahol (he calls it beer, but really it’s just soda pop) @hooper

Extra White Witbier

Skinny Jean Lean @piker73

Bockin’ Boots

Backroad Honey @nlittletaylor

I Don’t Want This Lite to End

Nocohol @straitshooter13

St. Pauli Girl Shake It For Me Ultra-Light Lager @finnhuckster

Piss Tomorrow Goodbye American Lager

Menistat IPA @lhcountryboy

Cheesy Swill @kevink61

Gomer Pale


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