Apr 2, 2015

"Yo Bro," a Fantastic Satire by Brent Cobb

Bro-country is certainly on the fade recently, but the tropes and clichés continue in a generally more watered-down fashion. In fact, it's not always so watered down, as Cole Swindell's new single features a truck, drinking, moonlight, and a girl shaking it "like the wind moves cotton." Therefore, the following song you'll hear is clearly still relevant. It's written and performed by FTM pal, singer-songwriter Brent Cobb, who 3 years ago put out our favorite EP of the year. Witness Brent's hilarious and biting "Yo Bro."


  1. This is hilarious - I will share! Thanks.

  2. Totally got what you did here!! You even got the auto tune "thing" going on!! Same crappy lyrics in a lot of songs gets really boring!! That's why I love Brent's music. I look forward to each song because of his play on words!! Gets me every time!! :) Very unique and fresh!!



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