Jul 9, 2015

Really Dumb Country Music Reviews

Real country song/album reviews from a popular music downloading service.

Sam Hunt - Montevallo

Luke Bryan - Kick the Dust Up

Little Big Town - Painkiller (specifically, "Girl Crush")

Sturgill Simpson - Metamodern Sounds in Country Music

Kacey Musgraves - Pageant Material


  1. The "What has happened to our society?" one has me rolling! That's just pure comedy!

  2. What has happened to our society? says the dumbass to Kacey Musgraves album?

    I wonder that myself when I read the glowing FGL and Sam Hunt reviews myself.

  3. Dumbasses that support this crap like FGL & Luke Bryan are what has happened to country music. They wouldn't know what real country music is if it "Kicked Their Dust Up" smh...

  4. country music it's evolvingz!!! man I get so sick of hearing that I always picture these people saying it in a whiny tone while sucking their thumbs in a corner as they desperately try to convince people that this excuse for music is actually good!

  5. Look kids, humans are primates. Now we used to be monkeys then we evolved into humans but are no longer monkeys. So you see Sam Hunt is not country music because he evolved out of that but he is still... "music" I guess.



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