Nov 29, 2009

.99 Review: Bucky Covington "Gotta Be Somebody"

.99 Review
Bucky Covington
"Gotta Be Somebody"

The People's Take
The people have no take because this song hasn't been released on iTunes yet. I'm imagining the average comment will go something like this:

Bucky & Nickelback - How can you go rong? (5 Stars) – This is my favorite Nickelback song (and that's saying a lot!!!) so I was sooo happy to fine out that Bucky was redoing this song! He is a nice guy who ackshally enjoys his career and values fans and their support.
- Dumdum Superfan

My Take
It's Bucky Covington covering a Nickelback song...

How can I say this sucks? Let me count the ways.

Awful, blows, wack, toolish, appalling, dreadful, terrible, horrific, ignominious, stank-ass, bummer, cringeworthy, disconcerting, routine, commonplace, grievous, pedestrian, like soggy cereal, loathsome, leaving a lot to be desired, deplorable, rubbish, abominable, excruciating, agonizing, unbearable, intolerable, unendurable, vile, foul, heinous, abhorrent, egregious, soggy, loathsome, yucky, godawful, shitty, noisome, putrid, objectionable, repellent, nauseating, revolting, unpleasant, contemptible, wretched, FAIL, shabby, worthless, useless, poor, pathetic, garbage, detritus, dross, crap, pitiful, lamentable, lame, ass, brutal, crappy, crummy, ill, lousy, painful, unsavory, shameful, degrading, sucky, douchy, douchebaggery, unsatisfactory, undesirable, disagreeable, displeasing, inadequate, unacceptable, bad, substandard, weak, mediocre, no good, lacking, delete-able, wanting, subpar, defective, over-processed, deficient, insufficient, inferior, no great shakes, shite, feces, corny, excrement, onerous, doo doo, caca, pooh, poop, manure, filth, muck, mess, night soil, unwanted, distasteful, nasty, irksome, annoying, irritating, vexatious, repugnant, repulsive, unlistenable, ineffective, below average, disastrous, bomb, flop, feeble, flimsy, mushy, indistinct, impotent, tasteless, flavorless, bland, ham-fisted, insipid, milquetoast, not up to scratch, abysmal, unfortunate, incompetent, inept, sorry, miserable, faulty, not up to snuff, woeful, bum, rotten, not up to par, atrocious, second-rate, inauspicious, unsuitable, dud, stale, tired, banal, played out, uninteresting. fecal matter, turd, boring, unstimulating, uninspiring, colorless, lifeless, mundane, mind-numbing, wearisome. the perfect storm of crud, tripe, drivel, rot, malarkey, twaddle, trash, unsubstantial.

I count 175 ways this song sucks.

And honestly, all I had to say was "It's Bucky Covington covering a Nickelback song" and you could have searched the thesaurus yourself.

Friends, the bar has been set. I don't see anybody limboing under this one.

Total value: .06/.99

The Checklist

Name Dropping
Dying Person
County Fair
Check mark symbolLost Love
Check mark symbolLove
Hometown Pride
Kindly Advice
Check mark symbolLife Affirmation
Check mark symbolPop Sheen
Star Power


  1. WOW! I know with your obvious talent you must surely be appearing on a comedy stage at a venue near me, but I do not see a tour schedule listed on your blog????? Perhaps with your skilled use of a thesaurus you have a best selling book available? Can't wait to see your next "pearls of wisdom" on sweet to see his name in print!! Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving and wishing the very merriest of Christmas's ever!!!

  2. I've heard Bucky's version of GOTTA BE SOMEBDOY and he does a fine job. I love the country-fied version. Bucky's voice is so clear on this song, it's perfect for his range. I think he does the song justice. By the way, he's also got a video which is out right now for this song and it's great as well.

  3. So what gave it the .06 rather than zero?

  4. May God Bless You. I will pray for you. Please read the article below. Glad the children loved Bucky.........

    Bucky Covington, Sawyer Brown and Love And Theft all joined together to bring a little extra pre-holiday cheer to Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital recently with a surprise guitar pull. To the children’s delight, the performance included a mix of favorite Christmas carols and country hits. Many of the children jumped in and played toy drums, tambourines and maracas along to the music. After the show, all of the performers visited with the children, their families and hospital employees.

    “Seeing all of the children’s faces light up was an early Christmas gift me,” said Bucky. “All of these children are going through trying times and have long days. I’m incredibly thankful for the opportunity to give them a nice break in the day and bring a little holiday cheer.”

    From there the entire O-Seven crew all caravanned over to the Ronald McDonald House, a non-profit organization that provides essential resources and a “home away from home” for families of critically ill children receiving inpatient or outpatient medical care at Nashville area hospitals. Together they prepared and served up a special birthday lunch for one of the young children currently undergoing treatment at Vanderbilt. On the menu was a build-your-own taco bar complete with all of the essential fixings and brownies for dessert. Bucky, the members of Sawyer Brown and Love And Theft donned birthday party hats, played balloon toss and got the whole house singing Happy Birthday.

    For additional information on Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital, and the Nashville Ronald McDonald House

  5. Anonymous 1, you're almost snarky enough to write for FTM.

    Rachel68005, you are clearly delusional.

    Anonymous 3, did you see the words "Bucky is an evil person whom I hate" on this blog anywhere? If not, please discontinue your thought process that equates criticizing the work to criticizing the person. I applaud Bucky's charity work, and for that reason, I won't delete the last comment. And thanks for the prayer; we all need it.

    Occasional Hope, I left 5 cents in the dollar on the horrible thought that maybe, just maybe, something even worse might come along someday.

  6. I think it's funny that people who dislike this post don't have the gall to attach their names to the post.

    In any case, great post.

  7. I disagree...
    I think "favorite" would be "fav", "a lot" would be "alot" and "their" would be there.
    You must have some kind of faith in the people who would post five star reviews about this song.



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