Jan 12, 2010

New Ray Wylie Hubbard...

It's great. I've only listened to it three times, but I can safely say Ray Wylie's new album will likely end '10 in the upper regions of my favorites. Slate calls it the new decade's first essential album. If you've never heard RWH, imagine a cross between Hayes Carll and a toned down ZZ Top (without any of the schlockiness). A proper review here. The only thing about this fine release that made me scratch my head was the album's cover and title (see below). Check out some tracks here. Buy it here.


  1. hahaha!

    I was expecting a highlander joke.

    A. enlightenment
    B. endarkenment
    C. there can be only one

  2. Is there anyone who knows who Hayes Carll is who doesn't know who Ray Wylie Hubbard is?

  3. Doubtful... I just couldn't think of anybody more mainstream that RWH sounds like.



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