Jul 15, 2010

Brad Paisley's "Water" parodied

(Parody of Brad Paisley's "Water")

Cantankerous fool full of dead hot air
Twenty-five years old
Snarkin' everywhere
So much pretentiousness to share
As a blogger

With my new friends
We're in the know, or we pretend
Jimmy Wayne is a wuss
I make fun of him
I'm a blogger

Yeah when that comment thread starts to heatin' up
That always serves as proof
We've got traffic up
And folks are clicking through
What that means, I have no clue

Martina, Keith, Bucky and Blake
Are famous so I hate
With style so congratulate
This blogger

You know I have no joy

Yeah if I feel my foot start to tappin' down
And I start to sing out loud
I just punch myself in the ear till I feel the way I should
If it's popular, it's no good

Maybe it ain't fair
And I could be wrong
But I don't care
I even hate this song
I only like what's little known
I'm a blogger

I don't really care if you think I'm weird
That I have no dates
Well, that's pretty clear
You know that pretty girls all fear


  1. Ouch. But it's pronounced "ninety-five thirteen."

    (Did that make me sound pretentious?)

  2. Fixed! And it's not a shot at you nine five one three'ers, but all of us pretentious fools.

  3. Unless you plan on sending me free tickets, Brad Paisley Tickets (deleted comment), please refrain from advertising in my comments.



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