Aug 16, 2010

3 Country Parody Album Covers

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  1. Hi ! My name is Shmalison Shmonaguro and I love Rodney Atkins new CD "Bucolic Tripe." Some of the lyrics are a bit sophisticated for me but overall i just love it.

    Also I used to hate football but then I heard Kenny Chesney sing about it and now I love football. Isn't country music great it can make you change your mind about something. Whoo hoo. Pop music can't do that. Kanye West can't do that. He sucks. I hope someone puts urine in his beer. I wrote a blog about beer with urine in it. Check it out. Carrie Underwood's wedding. I just had to say that. Cuz i cant do a blog without mentioning it even when there is nothing to say about it. I wonder what brand of beer Carrie had at her wedding.



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