Nov 17, 2010

Jennifer Nettles' Tatt: A Closer Look

Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland got a tattoo to represent her mindset around the time of the release of their album "Love on the Inside." Like so:

FTM has learned that she recently got another tattoo for the same arm. This one more closely represents her current frame of consciousness now that "The Incredible Machine" is out.

And now a closer look:


  1. I don't like Sugarland but I love the "new tattoo." Sugarland is taking country in the wrong direction but the fact is a lot of the old themes are tired, worn-out, and do need to go. The drinking songs, the mama songs, the redneck songs, the jesus songs, these are all soooo played! Traditionalists in country need a big sackpunch. Nettles is not the person to do it, but someone needs to take a wrecking ball to the house of Jones, Haggard and Cash and replace it with something more appropriate in 2010. And so long as your Paisleys, Lamberts, and others keep going to the dried up well that is traditional country we aren't getting far enough away from that. What we need is the second coming of Garth Brooks.

  2. Anonymous is a good move. That is some interesting opinion.

  3. wow Anonymous u really hate country music f u true country like the ones you said are what this musics about

  4. She does NOT have the country music tattoo. Only the heart w/ wings like originally on that arm. Nothing has changed-

  5. I bet ^This^ "Anonymous" person just might Jennifer Nettles herself!

  6. Perhaps a visit to could help some to understand the definition of "farce."



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