Nov 16, 2010

Country Day November '10


  1. God Bless the middle of the road

  2. Well, you made me look up "magniloquent." From the first time I saw that cover I thought they should have recorded Tom T.'s Magnificent Music Machine. Great job, as always.

    I always thought that Waylon cover was weird, but the music is really good. A bunch of good music, though. I have the CD with all the Buddy Holly covers as part of the bonus tracks. You should check it out.

    As a side note, I was convinced to start listening to Lucero partly because of this site and now I can't get enough. So, thanks for that. Saw them live and it was amazing.

  3. Thanks Mike. Glad to hear you're enjoying Lucero! They were the best live act I saw this year.



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