Jan 1, 2011

10 Most Popular Posts of 2010

I'm copying Country California with this feature but so what? These are the 10 FTM posts that got the most traffic in 2010. What stands out the most to me is that there are ZERO of the monthly "Country Album Cover Days" in the Top 10... in fact, there were only a couple in the Top 30. I've actually known they weren't as big of a draw for a while now, but plan to continue to have monthly country days in the coming year. Farce the Music began exclusively as an album cover parodying blog, but had to evolve to grow. Apparently that growth has been successful, as 2010 was FTM's best year so far (in its short history) and Nov-Dec were its best months yet. Thanks for sticking with us as we evolve!

Top 10 FTM Posts of 2010:


  1. I love those country album cover parodies. Keep 'em comin, please!

  2. The lower ranking of the album cover days - which are still great, by the way - probably has something to do with them being less accessible via search engine than the more text-based posts.


    Keep up the good work.



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