Jan 24, 2011

You Suck as a Music Fan Vol. 1

Thanks to FTM's Twitter followers and Facebook friends for submissions to this feature. If you submitted something and don't see it here, it'll probably be on the next edition. We'll do it again sometime soon!

You Suck as a Music Fan if.....

•You skip the song because it has (live) at the end of the title

•You hung out in the parking log until Jamey Johnson's set was over so you could see Kid Rock. - @JennCampbell78

•You haven't supported the artists you've "acquired" music from by purchasing merchandise or attending shows

•You only go to the shows to be seen. - Christina Maccini

•You own a Kenny Chestnut album. (?) - Andy Grigas

•The only songs on your iPod are ones which have been on the weekly Top 100 in America list. - Taryn Flay

•You've ever thrown anything at a band or singer (with the intent to injure) at a concert, even Axl Rose

•If you yell requests during a show when they clearly are not taking requests - @Hooper

•You think Alan Jackson is the original artist of "Ring of Fire" - @amnoise

•You think Madonna is a copycat of Lady Gaga

•You have Jason Aldean lyrics as your Facebook status. - @AdamSheets08

•You competitive slow line-dance to Lady A's "Need You Now." - @kellytollett

•You can't name the writer of any of your favorite songs

•You think Eric Church is "edgy" and "an outlaw." -@ryanat82

•None of the artists you listen to go by their birth name

•If you think Chad Kroeger is a visionary

•You go to music festivals just to get drunk and make out with underage girls in the port-a-john

1 comment:

  1. I know Alan Jackson isn't the original singer of Ring of Fire - it was Kenny Chesnutt. But I was wondering: I know Ring of Fire is about a guy with bad hemroids but did Kenny Chesnutt write it about Gary LeVox or is it more autobiographical? Does religious nutjob Larry Lee like the song or hate it ?



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