Feb 6, 2011

You Suck as a Music Fan Vol. 2

•If you don't read Farce the Music. - Jen Campbell :)

•If you iTunes goes Taylor Swift to Taylor Swift with nothing before, after or in-between. - Justin Tate

•You hate any genre based on preconceptions alone

•You download illegally. - Christina Maccini

•There are 3 or less genres listed on your iTunes

•You won't buy a song or album that doesn't have the "Parental Advisory" label

•You think Sugarland is awesome. - @xMusicSnob99x

•You've never listened to a complete album start to finish

•You only like Metallica's music from The Black Album on

•You try to convince Farce the Music that your favorite band is good after he bashes them. - @TheOtherBrit

•You never bother to check your favorite artists out live! - @RealityofLynn

•You read Farce the Music. - @Rockstar_Aimz

•…you suck as a music fan. - Richard Grantham

•You don't know who Guy Clark is. - Butch Baker

•You don't know who Roy Clark is. - Jen Campbell

•You tolerate the existence of Nickelback. - Chris Neal

•You feel the need to predicate the word "country" with a descriptor…"NEW country"…"ALT country"…yadayadayada!!! - Christine Vaillancourt (uh oh! that's me!)

•You don't know who Jimi Hendrix is. - Michael Quinn

•Alison Bonaguro is your "go-to" source. - Karen Em K


  1. You only like Metallica's music from The Black Album on

    Those people exist?

  2. Oh, and I have one for the next edition:

    You suck as a music fan if you think Queensryche was "that band that did that Silent Lucidity song."

  3. That wouldn't be the same Butch Baker that had "That's What Her Memory Is For" would it?



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